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The Accomplice: Chapter 7

May 28, 2010
By mmerino GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
mmerino GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
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After several meetings much like their first one. They realized that they were getting nowhere with all this arguing. Alex and Marion were about ready to murder each other and it took a lot out of Robin to keep them from doing just that. It was getting exhausting. Finally they reached a conclusion.

“Well, maybe we could get everyone to storm the jail and force the guards to give up the prisoners?” Marion suggested.

“Why do you even bother opening your mouth when every word that comes out is either ridiculous, or stupid? I think you would do better just to breathe through your nose and save your mouth the trouble.” Alex recommended.

“Hmph! Well, at least you don’t go around telling people that they are idiots when you are the one who can’t seem to keep your mouth shut! Oh wait, you do!” Marion said furiously. The vigor in their eyes was fiery enough to start a forest fire. Robin really didn’t want to get involved but if they were going to make any progress, he decided he had to do something.

“Alex, please just try not to fight for this once! Your dramatic habits are starting to get very old.” Robin said tiredly. Marion nodded at Robin sympathetically with her ridiculously fat lips pursed. Alex was fuming.

“ME? YOU THINK THIS IS MY FAULT! WE WERE FINE UNTIL THAT-“ Alex gestured at Marion. “CAME ALONG! I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE TAKING HER SIDE. WHEN SHE “JOINED US” I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE HELPFUL BUT NOW I SEE THAT I WAS WRONG FOR EVEN SUGGESTING SHE JOIN US! AHHHHH!” Alex’s outburst sent wide eyed Robin and Marion into shock. It suddenly dawned on them that they were illegal, yelling, and about to give away their hide out (so to speak). Alex clamped her own hand on her mouth and the three were so silent, you could hear the shadows. After about five minutes, they decided that everything was fine but they still talked in low voices.

“I think I found a solution to our schemes. What if one of us, say me, was to disguise as a slave for the guards and poison them. It’s silent, simple, and lethal. Perfect.” Alex proposed. Marion was about to retort about the plan being horrible when she stopped and thought for a moment. She was about to say something when Robin beat her to the thought.

“That actually might work…” He said, utterly surprised.

“Hmph. Like there was any doubt?!” Alex said lightly. Then Marion chimed in, “Well, it’s an okay idea I guess, just one problem. Umm… err… how?” Alex looked at her just like everyone else on earth looked at her. Alex was tempted to knock on her forehead and see if it was hollow. She (barely) resisted the urge.

“Well, just like this.” Alex, Marion and Robin spent many hours that night arguing and deciding upon battle tactics and plans. Finally, just as the sun was beginning to perform the same routine as it had every day before. This day, seemed different to the three. They walked with an aura of confidence and hope. Their eyes shone like stars in the night. Every person who set eyes on them were filled with the same hope that seemed to radiate off the three. A new dawn was approaching. And with it, came a new beginning, a new promise. The pauvre could sense that something was about to happen. And it would be undeniable.

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