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king arthur and the part they left out

March 22, 2010
By abbey92 GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
abbey92 GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
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The year is 1520 and Arthur just got his sword from Merlin. Because he was in a fight recently, he told tom to go and clean his sword. Tom is not the brightest crab in the box, actually to be fair hes more of a forest green. Tom feeling special, goes off and cleanses the sword but then get side tracked and begins doing equations in his head. Before he realized it he found the formula to E=mc'2 dash off to find his chisel and stone. Forgetting the sword from the cleaning room, savannah of afar took full advantage of it and stole the sword form the cleaning room. Having the sward she thought of all the mistikale thing she could do. Cutting her hair shave her armpits gut her pigs for food. Then realization came over her and she realized that the sword could only be used by a man. Cursing the sexist century and the political system she just left a ransom note and left.
Back at the castle tom was running all over showing everyone of his great decervy. Then out of nowhere he ran into Arthur. Arthur asked him if he was dune cleaning his sword and tom replied of course and they went of to retrieve it. When they came to the room they could not find the sword no matter how hard they looked or how long they looked it was not there. Just as they were walking out the door they came across a note from Savannah of Afar. It read “it is I who has your sword. If you ever want to see it again you will have to bring me 24 Punkin Pie blizzard's from Dairy Queen.” when Arthur voices his open about how redulicos that request is he wonders how much he really needs the swords it really that much of a lost. But in the end he decides to get it back remembering that Merlin is a wizard and can make him fat old and balding in the snap of to fingers if he was mad enough.
Tom ask Arthur where afar is and Arthur says far away. So they saddle up the horse and ride of into the the sunset to church for savannah of afar. About 3 days latter and a 100 stupid question from tom of “how long I it til we get there?” and 50 replies of “Shut up Tom” they get to afar. They ride threw the mystical forest and run in to savannah of afar. “Savannah of afar give me my sword.” Auther says and she reptiles “Did you bring me my blizzard's?” Arthur and tom look at each other and realized that they forgot to get them. Cursing there mistake they try to barren with Savannah. “Oh mystical savannah pleas give me my sword it belonged to my dead great grandfather who left it to me in his will. It means a lot to me, a lot of sentimental meaning to me can I lease have it back.” Savannah replies with, “haha Arthur how stupid do you think I am. I want born yesterday it was a gift for your wizard Merlin. But, I will negotiate with you.” Arthur and tom agree to it and ask what it is that she wants in return.
As it turns out Savannah wants Auther and tom where to dresses and prance around saying “I'm a pretty pretty princes.” while she records it wither her camera. Hesitantly Arthur and tom dresses up and douse it. They get all dressed up and tom looks at Arthur and says “you know Arthur that dress douse look good on you, maybe you should declare a dress day.” Arthur takes his hand and slaps him on the back of the head and says “Shut up tom”. After it is all said and dune Arthur and tom ride off into the sun set and Arthur makes tom to never speak of this incident again.

The author's comments:
i had to wright a story for english class and came up with this. hope it's not that bad

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