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The Assassin

October 20, 2009
By Logan Bedingfield BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Logan Bedingfield BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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The thin ray of sunlight streamed in through the window as Jamie lie awake beneath his covers.
“I guess it is time to wake up now.” He mumbled warily to himself as he struggled up from his bed. “Why does today have to exist?”

Today, Jamie has to interview strangers to see whom he was going to go home with in the next month. He has been in the orphanage - in a small town about 50 miles away from London - for as long as he remembers. But today is the day he gets to go to a new home.
As he walks to the cafeteria for breakfast he hears a large smash. He runs to the area from where he heard the tremendous noise and sees one of his friends, Stan, laying one the ground out cold.
“Stan, Stan wake up Stan!” Jamie screamed, just now noticing an ominous figure standing behind where Stan was. Jamie sees the knife wound in Stan’s back and then the shiny blade in the suspect’s hand. The man sees Jamie staring blankly into his face so he starts running around to find an opening. The mysterious man jumps out an open window and runs away into the forest 60 feet away. But what the criminal did not know was that he dropped his wallet, which had no identification other than a few pictures of his family. Also in his wallet he noticed a list. A list of people’s names one of which Stan’s and also his own, Jamie Kahne.

As he sees that he runs as fast as he can down stairs to his room and locks the door. He is sitting there thinking about what to do next. He decides he must leave immediately. He packs his bags with a knife and some food then starts to leave, when he sees his girlfriend, Crystal.
“Jamie, where are you going?’ she asks Jamie.

Jamie who is stuttering and still thinking of what to say, says calmly, “I have to leave, forever.”
“I know I heard you with Stan,” Crystal replied. “I know what you have to do.”
“Thank you, Crystal.” Jamie said. And with that he was off.

Later that night Jamie still wondering aimlessly around the woods runs into a tree.
“Ahhhhh! This is hopeless!” He screamed. Every thing was silent except the faint echo of his scream. An echo, that means that there is a wall nearby! Jamie runs to his own voice and then sees a very large cliff wall. He searches the wall for about an hour and then comes upon a cottage. He slowly sneaks up to the window and looks inside. There is a small family of three sitting at a table. And at the end of the table sits an oddly familiar man. Jamie looks at the picture in the wallet and finds that the man there is the murderer. Jamie waits outside until the man and his family goes to sleep. Jamie then crawls into the open window. Jamie slowly draws his knife and heads for the bedroom to find the man sleeping in his bed. He walks up to the bed and thrusts his knife, but the man grabs his wrist.
“Jamie, did you really think you could kill me. I’m your Dad, your Papa, your Dada and you’re done.” He said with a wicked sound to his voice.

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