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Exploring Planet X

May 24, 2023
By creativewriting12B PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
creativewriting12B PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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One, two, three, … takeoff! I can’t wait to head to this weird, newly discovered planet. Only 14 hours, 32 minutes, and 56 seconds left in this rocket ship and then I'll be on planet x. Why does it have to be such a rocky road? 

Finally! I made it! As I step outside of the ship, I see white bushy trees with small fuzzy animals on them. The ground is mushy and my feet sink in. The air smells stale, and old somehow. I feel the windy breeze on my entire body. I hear animals making all different noises. I see a deserted planet, no wonder. 

I begin to explore my surroundings that I will call home for the next couple of years. We’ll see how much time gets lost and how long I’ll end up staying here. A little monkey comes up to me and jumps on my shoulder, how friendly. He’s so cute. I’ll name him Timothy. Timothy is so nice. Timothy tries to explain the land to me but it’s so confusing with many parts. I’ll get it right someday. Timothy shows me the berry trees that they eat to survive. I try one, and well, it’s fine I guess. 

It’s time for me to think about where I will stay. Timothy says there’s no homes here. I guess it’s because no humans live here but me. I gather some things that look like they may help me build a structure for me to sleep under. Sheets of mud, fluffy tree materials, long sticks. I put the sticks up against one of them white bushy trees. This is not going to work out. I search for more materials and I find some better things. I go back and add to my structure and its beginning to look good. I think I might actually be able to sleep here. Timothy says I can sleep in his tree with him but I don’t think that’ll work out too well. 

Now that I somewhat figured out my sleeping condition, I think I’ll have Timothy show me around a little more. He explains to me that most of the animals are really scared of me because they have never seen a human before, so they are scared. It makes sense, but I wish they wouldn’t hide from me. I hope they’ll warm up to me, I’m sure they will. Timothy shows me a game they all love to play and it’s fun. 

Well, I am very hungry and brought some snacks along so I think it’s time for some apple sauce. Applesauce is my favorite snack ever. Timothy wants to try it so I let him. He begins to love it just as much as I do. 

I’m eating my applesauce and all of a sudden, something grabs me from behind.

Timothy can’t help me because he’s too small and the monster is too big. 

“I’ve never seen this before, I don’t know what this is” Timothy exclaims. 


I kick and punch and try to get away but I can’t. This monster is too big to escape from. He’s running and holding me all while I’m trying to escape. 

What do I do, I think to myself. I’ve never been in this situation before. Timothy is trying to keep up with us but it's not like he can even do much anyway. 

Then all of a sudden, hundreds of animals come out and make a wall. They build a wall so the monster can no longer run. He doesn’t know where to go. The monster drops me and tries to run away and we let him. I smile, I laugh because the monster lost this battle. Now the animals are on my side! 

We celebrate by picking berries off the berry tree and all eating them together. I love it that the animals have warmed up to me and now we can have a good time, all the time. I hope that monster does not come back to our town. 

Time goes by so fast here because I’m always having such a great time with my furry friends. All the animals are so sweet and I have loved getting to each and every one of them. I am dreading the time I have to go home, but thankfully, that isn’t for a while. 

The animals wanted to play a game, so I taught them how to play hide and seek. I explained the directions, but they are so bad at listening, so then I had to demonstrate how to play the game. Then, they sort of understood it. Once we played a couple rounds, they finally understood the game and they loved it! They have never played such a game before and they were all laughing and cheering each other on. It was so fun to see the village come together and have fun. 

Since they loved that game so much, they wanted me to share another game with them. So now it was time for tag. This one was a little easier to explain so that was good. Oh my goodness did they love this game! They are always running around anyway so I thought, why not teach them tag? They were ecstatic about this game and I’m not really even sure why. They could run and run all day long if I let them. I think they enjoy my games at least a little bit. 

I love watching these animals interact with each other. They are so fun to watch. I decide to take some notes on how they behave and certain actions I see repeated. Some of them are always, and I mean always laughing at one thing or another. Some are sitting or walking alone, which is what they’re used to. Some, hint hint, Timothy, always wants to be by me. I get it, I’m cool and all, but why, just go play with your friends. I would never tell him that though because he’s my friend and was my first friend I made on planet x. 

Timothy and I decide to walk around and we discover a river. I had not been swimming in probably 10 years. Timothy had already jumped in. 

“Please come in and swim with me,” Timothy says. 

“I don’t want to get all wet Timothy,” I responded. 

“Who cares, you’ll dry off within 10 minutes,” Timothy said. 

Suddenly, my legs are getting pulled into the water by a little guy named Timothy and soon enough I’m in the water. It’s actually refreshing and I like it. 

Soon my time comes to an end and I have to go back home. I’m so sad. I’ve made so many new friends and am going to miss them. 

“Bye Timothy,” I say with tears in my eyes. 

“Bye, I’ll miss you,” says Timothy.

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