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Bill and Buddy

May 19, 2023
By Sam_Sienkiewicz SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Sam_Sienkiewicz SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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On the outskirts of a massive wilderness sat a small, cozy cabin. In that cabin lived a young boy named Bill and his loyal companion, a golden retriever named Buddy. Bill had always lived in those woods with his parents, but they had passed away years ago, leaving him with nothing but the cabin and his furry friend. He learned to live for himself on the land, while also perfecting his survival skills.  Bill and Buddy lived a very peaceful life, far from anyone else, until the day that changed everything.


One bright summer morning, Bill woke up to the sound of rustling leaves, followed by whispers and footsteps. He stayed still on his bed, listening intently, trying to find the source of the commotion. As the noise got closer and louder, Bill's heart began to race and his mind was spinning with wild thoughts. He felt a sudden glimpse of panic, wondering who was coming and why they had come.  Frightened and unsure of what to do, he reached for his hunting rifle, which he had been taught to use only for emergencies. The back door slowly opened, and Bill heard unfamiliar voices outside.  


Keeping Buddy close by his side, Bill was able to quietly glance through a gap in the door.  Right in front of him, stood a group of strangers.  They looked big, tall, and tough dressed in all black with rough clothing, while also carrying weapons.  Every last one of them was equipped with some kind of weapon, meaning that they meant business. Bill could sense the danger in their eyes. They weren't here just for a friendly visit. They had come to hunt him down.


Suddenly, a tall, intimidating figure emerged from the crowd, dressed entirely in black. His face was masked, but Bill couldn't see who he was.   All he could see was the man's eyes.   They were serious looking eyes that seemed to stare right into his soul.  The man pointed his weapon directly at Bill which left him frozen in fear.  Buddy, on the other hand, barked fiercely at the intruders, as he could sense the danger.


"Where is it?" the man demanded.


Bill knew exactly what he meant. It must have been something that his parents had left behind, something of great value. Something that the strangers had been searching for all this time. Bill knew there was no point in denying it. He had to surrender it to them.


"I don't have it," Bill said as calmly as he could.


"You have one day to get it here. We will be back," the man said before turning and walking away.


As soon as the strangers left, Bill locked the cabin door and began to think.  He knew that his parents had something that they had kept close and hid from everyone.  He had no idea what it was, but he knew that it must have been something of great value.  Bill’s mind raced as he searched for clues, but he knew he needed more information and time to figure it out.


The next few hours were filled with a flurry of activities as Bill went to work on creating traps around the perimeter of the cabin, using his knowledge of the woods and setting up a small, hidden trail for Buddy to track any potential invaders.  He spent the rest of the day gathering supplies, planning, and strategizing his next moves.


As nightfall came about, Bill lay in his bed staring up at the ceiling, lost in thought as he couldn’t sleep.  Buddy whined softly by his side, as he could tell Bill was extremely stressed out.  The boy was worried, he knew that the strangers meant business and weren't going to give up.  He had a lot to lose if they caught up with him. But Bill was strong, and he was not ready to give up without a fight.


The next day, Bill got up early and went to work on his plan.  He knew the intruders were coming back at any minute, and he was ready for them.  Bill and Buddy hid right beyond the fence, waiting, and anticipating their arrival.  As soon as they arrived, the fight began.


The air was thick with the smell of gunpowder and the sound of bullets whizzing by.  Though outnumbered, Bill fought with every ounce of strength he had.  Buddy too was on his feet, fiercely defending his master and biting the intruders' legs.  Fueled by adrenaline, Bill fought ferociously, almost forgetting how outnumbered he was.  After what seemed to be like an all out war, Bill was surprised to see the strangers were driven off meaning he had successfully defended his home.


With that victory, Bill knew that he could not stay in the cabin any longer.  It was no longer safe.  He gathered whatever supplies he could carry and left the cabin with Buddy, setting out into the wild forests. It was a new beginning.  Bill realized that he had to find where he came from and discover the secrets that his parents had left behind.


Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.  Bill and Buddy had traveled deep into the forest, searching and surviving together.  Eventually, after facing many obstacles, they stumbled upon a hidden cottage that his parents had kept from the world.  It was there that Bill unlocked the mystery which became the reason the strangers had come after him.  They had known his family, who had been known for generations. He had multiple gold medallions worth incredible amounts of money all stashed away.  It was a discovery that was too important to remain just in the hands of Bill, so his father kept it hidden there for the right time to reveal it to everyone.


Bill knew that he could not let his father's gold fall into the wrong hands, so he guarded it well. With Buddy by his side, Bill promised to carry out his father's legacy, and it was there that he realized that he was no longer just a boy but rather a hero who was destined for great things along with his dog. They had nearly conquered the wilderness, and now they had conquered other obstacles, too.  They may have been ordinary in the eyes of others, but Bill and Buddy had proven to be extraordinary, stronger than any other force imaginable.

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