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The Hospital

March 3, 2021
By rhainhollingsworth BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
rhainhollingsworth BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
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I killed them after I found out that they created a hospital that made people suffer that deserve to suffer. So I thought that if anyone deserved to die it was them, their names were Altopotimic and Treedome. Their hospital is called Alpodome. Suddenaly, their eyes popped open. Then they abruptly sat up and started to scream bloody murder. Next, I heard there patients that they drugged to protect them if any danger arises around them. So then I was surrounded by them and they attacked me. I luckily escaped just as they were attempting to knock me out. 

The next day I heard a knock at my door and I opened it and stood  Gerialddean, one of my friends, she said that if I did not do what she said she would harm Kaelynn and Claire, my two best friends. So I followed her down the street into her basement and down a long corridor until we reached the basement I was in last night. There sat Altopotimic and Treedome the evil scientists. 

Then, they knocked me out by hitting me over the head with a skull. When I regained my consensus I found myself locked in a tube with a window just too tall enough for me to see out of. I felt a surging pain in my left pinky toe.  I tried to look around but all I could see was darkness. I stayed awake until I heard Altopotimic and Treedome coming down the hall arguing about how Altopotimic did the surm wrong and I should not be awake yet so they were coming to check if I was asleep. So I did when I thought I had to, fake asleep. As they were leaving I heard them talk about how I would die in five hours. I had to figure out a way to get out of this metal tube.  

I had five hours left to live. I had to figure out two things in five hours, one, how to get out of this secure metal tube and two find out why Altopotimic and Treedome want me dead. I also wanted to find out how they got to Gerialddean and why they wanted her controlled.

It was getting lighter so I could start to see. I started to feel about the tube and I could feel the seel where they had trapped me. I knew that my time was running out. 

It was getting lighter and lighter. Then I remembered that I had a knife in my shoe. I thought that I could use that to escape. I pulled it out of my shoe and started to bang on the glass with it. It was getting scratches but it would not break. Finally, I started to use the knife to pry open the door. It worked. I was free. 

Now, I had to find the plans of Altopotimic and Treedome and get out of here. I found the plans fairly easily but there were multiple copies. There was no way I could get them all so I burned them all. Except for one copy which I kept to read. Now I wanted to find out why they dragged Gerialddean into this mess. I also wanted to find out if Gerialddean was in this willingly or if this was against her will. 

Now that I had gotten out of the tube and I had the plans I had the most difficult jobs to go. I had to find out about Gerialddean and escape from this place. I was looking around for any sign of  Gerialddean. Gerialddean was no nowhere to be found. All I wanted was to make sure my friends were ok. I was starting to care less and less about Gerialddean because she dragged me into this all and now that I think about it was her dog Eyes (she had huge eyes) that showed up at my door. So the little “cute” dog was Gerialddean’s dog. I had always thought that there was something off about Gerialddean and her dog. I was right. Altopotimic and Treedome had been drugging Gerialddean for years. I found the plans that had happened to Gerialddean years ago. The plans said that they had been drugging Gerialddean ever since I had moved here five years ago.

Why did Altopotimic and Treedome want me dead, how did they know me, and how did they meet were my new questions. I was wondering so much that my head sharted to hurt and I felt drouse. I felt a sharp pain in my arm and felt my head hit the floor so hard that I knew I was  knocked out right then and there.  When I woke up I found myself locked inside the metal tube once again. I could hear Altopotimic and Treedome arguing about who let me out. It was neither of them I got out myself. I was so proud of myself. I heard Gerialddean enter the room and I thought she had chains on her but I did not think that that could be right. Then, she was told to open the door to my tube and climb in. Now I am telling you, Gerialddean, this story about how you ruined my life.

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on Mar. 9 at 4:03 pm
26cvitse BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
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good job Ms. Hollingsworth 🙂

Nuggie BRONZE said...
on Mar. 9 at 4:03 pm
Nuggie BRONZE, Hamiton, Montana
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This is an amazing!!!!!!❤️