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Pizza Delivery

March 2, 2021
By 26ckennedy BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
26ckennedy BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
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Today was the latest night I have worked and it was pitch black. So by the last house it looked like it was twelve or one o-clock. Back to earlier in the day, I was delivering a bunch of pizzas that day, and I knew it would be the longest day/night I would work. As I was delivering the pizzas, something felt odd, and to remind you, I live in the peaceful place called Hamilton. 

When I got to the last house I felt a knot twist in my stomach, but I ignored it and told myself it was the last house and to just get it over with. So when I knocked on the door, an old man answered. 

“Hi there young lady.” His tone made me uneasy, but again, I ignored it.

“Your total cost is $8.50.”  

I stood there for over 10 minutes waiting for him to get his money, but I just assumed since he was old, it took him a bit to walk and get it. But as he got back he said to me,

“Sorry I have only $5.00, so I am $3.50 short.”

As I was about to give him the pizza, I decided to give it to him, but he had one day to give back the $3.50. When I got back to Dominos, my boss started to yell at me because I was $3.50 short, and that brings the business down. I went to go hand in my own personal $3.50 so it would not bring down the business, but they decided to fire me instead. As I was walking home I noticed the same guy, so when I reached the sidewalk and at the end of his house there was blood.

Pizza Delivery

I stared at the smeared blood on the sidewalk when he walked out, it was past three A.M. Why was he awake? Finally I looked up, he looked at me with piercing eyes. I started to run. He followed closely behind me and I couldn't get away from him. I started to run out of energy, how could an old man like him be so fast? I got to the edge of town near the mountains and forest, I turned into the forest and quickly got lost in the endless lines of trees. As I got closer to the edge of the forest, he kept trying to give me something, but I kept running no matter what. My legs were giving out on me and blisters were forming on my toes, but I couldn't give up now, not when I was so close to… so close to what? I realized that I wasn't close to anything, I let him chase me into the middle of nowhere! I was so mad at myself, how could I be so stupid? I couldn't have been so oblivious, I let him chase me and I could not even tell where I was. I decided that I would go full out and try to camp out in a bush or something. I looked around trying to find any sign of civilization...Nothing. I got somewhere finally and sat down in a kinda big bush. I couldn't see the man anymore and made the mistake of starting to relax. Someone grabbed me by the arm and spun me around….. As I got into focus from spinning I saw a younger guy or my aged guy. So he asked me if I needed help…

“I…. I think…. I think I need help. I don’t know where I am though.”

“Oh well you are in Darby”

“Thanks… Who are you though?”

Oh I am Zack, and so you are you?”

“I am Okaley.”

“Well I have to go and hide. There is a guy that is chasing me and I need help to hide. But if you want to maybe get killed then by all means you can help me.”

“Well I guess i can.”

“Bye the way your name is so unique, beautiful, just wanted to let you know.”

Why thank you I guess and yours is a very common but nice name.”

We both started to laugh, but went back to focusing on the plan. So as we got into town I saw the same man. He came towards me and I asked him what he wanted but all he did was give me the change. As I proceeded to put it into my pocket and go to the pizza place again. My boss had driven by me and picked me up and he asked me,

“Why are you out here so late and why do you have so much mud and branches on you, where were you??”

He seemed to be puzzled but at the same time I was just staring at his glorious soft wavy hair and his crystal blue eyes. I have liked him now for 3 years, 6 weeks, and 14 days, yes I have counted the days.

“Uh.. I…. I ummm…. I think your hair and.. Sorry I meant I was running from a way in the forest.”

“Oh ok well you should probably go and wash up and get back to work.” 

“O..Ok, B...By...Bye S..See you tomorrow”

“WAIT, what were you about to say when you said I like your and… what were you going to say, just a question.”

“Oh I was just gonna say you looked nice today?”

“Okay? Thanks but you should wash up and if you are still in on the job and working night shift go get your uniform.”

“Thank you so much bye.”

“Well that was awkward so I am going back to my apartment if you wanna come you can.”

“I mean I don't want to walk home right now i'm kinda creeped out right now if you know what I mean.” said Tylor


As we got back to my apartment I saw a similar guy but just wanted to get back to my appartement. When I got in my apartment I told him to sit down and watch some tv and eat whatever he wanted. When I got done with getting ready it was 2 am and I was very exhausted but I needed to get money so I could pay my bills and get groceries. I told tylor,

“I need to go to work if you also want to come with me so that you can, I am a delivery person.”

“Ok I'll just stay in the car and help you navigate places.”

As we get to all the houses I keep getting a lot of tips, I was so happy. It was now 4 am and I was getting a weird feeling as I got closer to the morning time. I don't know why though. It was again the last pizza of the night and it was the same guy's address and I just knew that I had to do this house or else this time I am probably going to get fired. I can't afford that so I had to go up and give him the pizza. When he opened up the door he politely said,

“Thank you, here is the money and do I know you from somewhere?”

I was so close to say,

“Thank you, no why?”

But I couldn't so I decided to tell the truth,

“Thank you and yes I believe I was the person that was running away from you because I thought you were chasing me.”

“Ohhh yeah I am sorry If I scared you I just wanted to give you the change that I didn't give to you that one day because I didn't have enough money.”

“Ohhh haha I am sorry to, well have a nice day and rest of your night.”

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Nuggie BRONZE said...
on Mar. 9 at 4:00 pm
Nuggie BRONZE, Hamiton, Montana
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This is an amazing story

on Mar. 9 at 3:56 pm
26cvitse BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
3 articles 0 photos 4 comments
good job Casey ❤️