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February 19, 2021
By 10DeerSlayer10 BRONZE, Ceder, Utah
10DeerSlayer10 BRONZE, Ceder, Utah
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Pete has known James and Chad for forever. They all grew up on the same street called Golden Leaf Circle in a small part of Toronto, Canada. It was the last month of tenth grade, and James asks, Pete and Chad, “If you could have any superpower what would it be?” 

Chad immediately blurts out,  “Super Strength!”

 Then James asks, “Why would you want super strength.”  

 “Then I would be the best player on my hockey team!” 

“Makes sense.” said James, “What about  you Pete.” 

Pete thinks about it for a minute then says, “I think it would be pretty cool to be able to predict the future.” 

James then says, “Foreseit cool, but why?” 

Pete then says sarcastically, “I don't know… I don’t know,  maybe because I can see the future.” 

“Ha, ha,” said James sarcastically. 

That day at school was pretty slow just like every other day. The only other difference was some  of the other kids were getting excited for summer break, but Pete didn't really care too much about it. He's always been a straight A student, so he would probably play videogames all summer. That night Pete had a very peculiar dream about a series of events that took place at his school, but all the people had no face and it was kinda dull, but one particular one event stood out. It was some girl whose cat died and her and her friends were crying about it. They didn’t have faces and everything was dull, the air was cold and bitter, their movements were slow like as if the dream was put in slow mode.  When Pete woke up he kinda just brushed it off and got ready for school. Once he got to school he met James by his locker. James started talking about something but Pete was distracted by Vinessa who was crying about something. Pete was a bit confused so he went to go over there to ask her what was wrong, but at that moment Chad showed up, 

He said “Hey Pete. what’s up?”

 Pete then said “Nothing.” and stepped back. All the girls' friends came to the girl and asked what happened?

She said, “My cat Gibby died!” All the girls started crying with Vinessa. Pete was so confused but thought not to worry about it for now. One other thing that happened in his dream was that a kid in his math class would get an F on his test and would freak out about it. Pete remembered this and was thinking about it and was curious if it would happen, so he patiently waited for fourth period to come around and when it did Pete was looking around the room for anty kids who might freak out, but thought that no ones gonna freak out over a test. Sure enough Jake the big hockey jock was being pretty cocky like always and was flirting with the girl next to him. Once the teacher was handing out the tests she came by Jake and handed his test to him face down. He looked confused and flipped it over and jumped up in fury and started yelling and freaking out. Then he stormed out leaving the paper. Pete jumped up to grab it and there was a big red F with a circle around it staring back at him on the test. This went on for a few days. One was a huge fight where one of the kids got suspended from the hockey team. Another one was the president of the United States and the president of North Korea getting into a heated argument on tv. Then it was like the last two weeks or so of school left when Pete had a dream about one event and it  was the end of the world! BOOM! There is a giant mushroom cloud above the city! It was like the sun was thrown at them! Pete woke up in a cold sweat. He was so dizzy the room was dancing. Pete jumped out of bed, got ready and ran to school to warn James and Chad when he got here he told them both about his visions and of the last one and how it was different. He said he could see their faces this time and their terror and there was a nuke that went off in the background. James then says, “So wait, did you predict having this ability a couple weeks ago when I asked you both what power you would have?” 

Pete replies by saying “I guess. That is when it all started.” 

Chad went on to say, “So you pretty much predicted WWIII, because of the U.S. and Korea Arguing so much?” 

Pete replied by saying, “I think so. We have to figure out how to stop this or prevent this.” Both James and Chad looked at each other and thought about it, but said ok. They all meet at Pete's house to make a plan. They go through all the reasons why the two great countries are fighting and realize that it's actually a powerful man named Sebastian shaw who is manipulating the countries to think they are against each other. Then they realize he has a big facility here in Toronto.  They figure out that they can just apply for a job and talk to him and hopefully convince him to stop trying to start WWIII. They were able to get a meeting with Shaw. A couple days go by and the meeting with the man is today the boys are ready to try to convince him. It is raining cats and dogs so they run into the building. They are on their way to finally end this when they bump into him. James and Chad are frozen with fear. 

They’re both thinking, “This is the man who is causing all this chaos!” The man was like 6’2, grey and black hair, he was fairly skinny, and had a black suit on. He looked as if he was mid 40s - 50s. 

He was so polite when he said, “Oh hey! I was actually on my way to meet you in my office. Come on, follow me.” They followed him to his office 

where he said, “Sit down and make yourself at home… lets get started.” 

He was setting everything up at his desk when Pete spoke up and said, “So we heard rumors that you were manipulating the economy, trying to start a war so your company would thrive better.” 

The man replied by saying, “Yes I've heard some of the rumors, but I can assure you that they are just rumors.”

“So, tell me then why are you sending terrorists to America and saying they're from North Korea, and you know that all of America's allies would also go to war and all North Korea's allies also fight, which in turn would end in a world war.” 

Shaw tries to defend himself by playing dumb and by changing the subject, but the boys won't let him. They keep describing the way he is manipulating everything. Shaw is beginning to look nervous. He then gets annoyed and orders to get the boys out of the building, but little did he know Chad was able to slip some documents without him seeing. The boys go home and read over the documents, and it's all there, all the evidence of what he has been doing. Meanwhile Shaw gets back to his office and soon realizes his documents are missing. He panics knowing the boys took them will take them to the police, so he runs out the door books a flight and on the way to the airport he calls his secretary and tells her that she can have the company and to cover his tracks, but he didn’t realize that the police were listening on the other side and met him at the airport to arrest him.

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