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Fordham University (Lincoln Center Campus) MAG

December 14, 2008
By Jocelyn Pearce, Asheville, NC

New York, NY: When I visited New York, I was prepared to fall in love with the city. I was also prepared to fall in love with at least one of the big-name universities I planned to ­visit.

The first of my expectations was completely fulfilled. I loved the fast pace of the city and the fact that, if I wanted, I could get Indian takeout at 3 a.m. Even though it was bitterly cold that weekend, I couldn’t wait to spend four years in the greatest city on Earth. However, when I visited schools, I was quite disappointed; I didn’t feel pulled by any of them.

That, however, changed when I did a quick Internet search to fill a free day and discovered Fordham ­University. I ­decided that even though it didn’t sound quite like my cup of tea, I’d give it a try. I wanted to see the Lincoln Center campus because of its ­location in the center of Manhattan. That, at least, sounded more than okay.

I was not prepared to love the school. But when I stepped through the doors, I was unexpectedly excited. This felt like a place I could call home. The people looked like they could be my friends. I had never felt this way at any school, and even ­before I found my way to the infor­mation session, I wanted to go to Fordham.

The information session only reinforced my desire. Even though it’s a Jesuit school, Fordham doesn’t push religion on its students. It’s an open-minded place that helps students ­explore the world and make their own choices (and not just with regard to religion). Fordham even helps students find a synagogue or mosque in the area if that is what they want.

Fordham challenges its students ­intellectually. They will learn not just to parrot information but to think. At Fordham intelligence is nurtured.

Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus isn’t what most people would call a real campus; it’s almost entirely contained within one tall building. The dorm rooms, classrooms, and cafeteria are all there, and it is a close-knit community. But when you step outside, you’re in the center of Manhattan. It’s a unique learning environment where you not only know your fellow students, but also form close relationships with professors, combined with the resources of a huge city.

So now, I’m waiting to hear if I’ll be spending the next four years in a place I already tentatively call my next home. But even if I’m not able to attend, I will still recommend this school wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind college experience.

Check out to find out more.

Editor’s note: Since this was written, Jocelyn has been accepted to Fordham.

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This article has 6 comments.

tzhang2 said...
on Oct. 26 2010 at 9:41 pm
what was you SAT score?

jocelynmarie said...
on Dec. 25 2009 at 9:52 am
I had a 3.97 unweighted GPA, and was in several clubs at school (leadership positions in two), and involved in some out of school activities in the community. But, if you're less involved or have a lower GPA, don't let it scare you off! I know people who got in without as much :) And, if you write an amazing essay, that can count for a lot.

lmx2 said...
on Dec. 10 2009 at 1:33 pm
hii . i wanted to know what kind of grades you got in school and activities that you did . im really considering this school and i just want to get a feel of what they are interested in ....

Tgene916 said...
on Dec. 1 2009 at 1:08 am
Ohh, I see. Well it was good to see that you actually replied! You wrote such an amazing article! I appreciate you replying back to an eager reader, as myself.

Take care!

Tammara S.

jocelynmarie said...
on Nov. 30 2009 at 8:41 pm
Actually, I was accepted to Fordham, but was unable to go for financial reasons. Still, if I decide to leave my current university, I'd definitely reconsider it as a transfer student; I'd have loved to go, but it just wasn't financially possible without more debt than I wanted to take on with an undergraduate degree. Sorry I couldn't help more!

Tgene916 said...
on Nov. 15 2009 at 11:37 am
I was wondering if there was anyway I cod have Jocelyn P's email so that w can chat about Fordham. Her article was very inspiring & I'd like to get her feedback about her current residency at Fordham University.

Thank you,

Tammara S.