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By Jessica Mullen, Wilmington, DE

State College, PA: One of the first colleges I considered was Penn State University. My dad is an alumnus, class of ’88, and has always raved about what a wonderful university it is. And even though I have never had the opportunity to visit any of Penn’s ­campuses, I have to agree with him. Penn State has received endless recognition for its outstanding ­academic programs, campuses, and athletics. What more could you want from a university?

Every year, many hopeful high school students from all over the country apply to Penn State. In 2007, the university received 99,791 applications. In its main campus, University Park, 36,815 students are enrolled. The 20 other campuses throughout Pennsylvania each have between 700 and 4,000 students and offer a ­smaller, more intimate college experience. Penn’s universal academic and athletic appeal has continually contributed to its high applicant rate and enrollment numbers.

Penn State has always excelled in athletics and has a long list of championships to prove it. With an ­accumulated 61 championships for men’s, women’s, and co-ed sports teams, Penn has educated excellent scholar-athletes over the years. Penn State is a member of the Big 10 Conference, where some of the best athletes and teams in the country compete. While a majority of Penn’s athletes are recruited, the balance of sports and academics is important.

University Park is one of the most beautiful ­campuses on the East Coast. Located next to Mount Nittany, it has been nicknamed “Happy Valley” by visitors and residents alike. With beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere, State College, the small yet charming city where the main campus is located, ­attracts many students and travelers with cozy cafés and inviting shops. In addition, Mount Nittany has been associated with Penn State for many years – the Nittany Lion is its mascot. The university’s connection to this town adds to the appeal of Penn.

Penn State is home to a diverse group of students and faculty. Its status has continued to grow with Penn’s World Campus, which offers degrees and courses online. Penn is nationally ranked for multiple business and engineering undergraduate programs, as well as for its location and monetary value.

According to The Princeton Review, the percentages of females and males attending are 44 percent and 56 percent respectively. Eighty-two percent of students are Caucasian. The average GPA is 3.53, and the ratio of students to faculty is 17:1.

With many locations and fantastic opportunities, it’s no wonder that Penn State is such a popular college. The rankings and numbers speak for themselves as proof of the fine education Penn State ­provides. As a high school student who is still ­contemplating which college to attend, I consider Penn State one of my prime choices. After all of my research, my high regard for the university has not wavered. I am positive that I would not be disappointed with my college experience there. And ­although my mother, like any parent, will not be overjoyed to pay the tuition, my dad would be thrilled if I became a Nittany Lion.

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Whovian said...
on Aug. 23 2012 at 10:51 pm
Because of its quality education, Penn is nicknamed "the public ivy" and is known for its honors program.

on Oct. 11 2010 at 1:08 pm
JayeMizzles GOLD, Paris, Other
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Favorite Quote:
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really? me too :)

KCares GOLD said...
on Jul. 20 2009 at 5:20 pm
KCares GOLD, Pepperell, Massachusetts
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This was really helpful, I'm considering Penn State and now I think I will apply. Thanks!

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