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    Wellesley, MA: On the outskirts of Babson College is Wellesley Center, a quaint area ofshops and small businesses. The college has only 1,700 undergraduatesbut is 30 minutes from Boston's many activities, sports events,concerts, shops and nightlife. Babson combines the appeal of awonderfully located campus with magnificent atmosphere and remarkablefacilities.

If you're thinking about majoring in business, youshould definitely look into Babson. It is one of the top businessschools in the country and provides its students with a great backgroundto help them pursue a rewarding career. The Babson name iswell-respected and catches the eye of top businesses not only in theBoston area but also around the world. Many companies come to Babson torecruit, offering students plenty of job opportunities.

Oneaspect of the school that really caught my eye was its up-to-dateclassrooms and facilities. The campus grounds, dorms and classrooms seemto be kept in excellent condition. Many of the classrooms havestate-of-the-art equipment and are filled with the newest technology,such as Ethernet ports for each student's computer.

If you arehunting for the perfect business school, you should give Babson Collegea look. A small school with a breathtaking campus, easy access to thecity and a reputation for being one of the best business colleges in thecountry, this could be the school for you. It definitely is the one forme.

Reviewed in 2001

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