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Loyola College in Maryland

November 15, 2008
By Anonymous

It was about 9 AM when I stepped onto the bus with about 30 other classmates, we had a long day ahead of us visiting colleges! Our first destination: Loyola College in Maryland. The school, right outside of Baltimore, is beautiful. I fell in love. The streets were covered with beautiful trees and it's in a nice, suburban, residential area. Soon, we began to pull up onto the "quad," which is the main campus made up of four different buildings where in the middle is a grassy area. We were welcomed kindly and were given a presentation. On top of being a phenomenal school academically, it is a D1 school! Offering almost every sport possible! For the non-athletic people, there are tons of clubs and intramurals, which are extremely appealing! The dorms are huge, the fitness/recreational area is completely renovated, the food is great (including for those who are vegetarians and/or "going green"), it's right outside of city (always a good time!), the people are awesome! And at an acceptance rate of 60%, offering plenty of financial aid, if one applies themself in high school, what more can you ask for in a college?

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