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Minecraft Review

March 29, 2019
By Anonymous

Have you ever wanted the survival experience without all the danger and death? Then Minecraft is the game for you. Minecraft is on Mac, PC and Xbox so almost anyone can find a way to play it. The game includes many creative possibilities but also the challenging aspect of surviving alone. Minecraft allows you to do whatever you want and be whoever you want in a world that you truly control. Minecraft consists of 2 basic game modes: Survival Mode, and Creative Mode. These 2 very different modes each have different play styles but have things that everyone can enjoy. The game has 1 million things to do is challenging and peacefully easy at the same time. Playing the game can put you in a trance and you really do not realise how much you have played. You spend hours focused on your current build or preparing to fight the ender dragon. The game is addictive, well made and a lot of fun so I recommend anyone try it out.

The first and default Minecraft gamemode is survival mode. This mode is the one where fight to survive and thrive in world where you start with literally nothing. You can work your way up from basic wooden tools and eating raw meat to a large mansion filled with many rare gems like gold and diamonds. But it does not have to be a mansion, it can be whatever you want it to be. It is whatever you build. You can create whatever you want as long as you can obtain the resources. As you get father into the game it becomes easier and easier to obtain resources because of your better tools. This leaves more time for being creative and building cool structures for your base. In survival mode the satisfying feeling of building a whole city from nothing by hand cannot be compared to any other game. In Minecraft survival mode you work for everything you have and you really feel like you earned it. You go from eating wild chickens to having your own automatic farms and extensive mining operations to obtain gems and ores. All of these contribute to your building which justs gets better and better as the game progresses. Survival mode grants a challenge for all of those who want to create something from nothing.

Minecraft’s second gamemode is called creative mode. This mode has everything survival mode has to offer except that it allows you to do whatever you want. You are invincible, you can fly, and you have unlimited resources. Creative mode has a bigger emphasis on creating artistic builds than trying to survive. It's about seeing where your creativity takes you and lets you explore the limits of what you can think of.  This game mode is for those who care about the creativity of building more than the challenges in survival mode. This mode obviously allows you to build everything you could in survival mode but much faster so you can create much bigger and more sophisticated structures. Whole cities with every house detailed can be created. They can be made beautiful as well. Creative mode allows you to create to your heart's content.

While both of these game modes are very fun and have a lot of content. After a hundred hours or so they could get boring. The reason they do not is because you do not have to do these gamemodes alone. You can start a new world with your friends in survival mode and work together to succeed. Or you can see what crazy things you can build in creative mode together. The best part about minecraft is the multiplayer synergy with the gamemodes themself. Playing with friends on minecraft is where I had some of the most fun I have ever had playing video games. Minecrafts multiplayer experience entrapped me in countless hours of crafting during my childhood and it is the best part of the minecraft experience.

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