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The Inconsiderate Driver

April 11, 2016
By Adilahz GOLD, Selangor, Other
Adilahz GOLD, Selangor, Other
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I witnessed an ugly incident after school yesterday while waiting for my mother to pick up.

I noticed that there was an unusual traffic congestion at the pick-up area. Upon further scrunity I noticed that one driver had parked his car right smack inthe middle of the road ,directly in front of the school gate. The drivers behind him were getting impatient as he was obstructing traffic and preventing others from driving up to the gate to pick up their children.

A few cars behind him began honking for him to move on to ease the congestion. Instead of driving off, the driver sat obstinately in his car and began to blare his horn while looking to see if his child had emerged from school.

Everyone was beginning to stare at the driver who refused to budge. When the school security guard heard the commotion ,he came forward and signaled to the driver to move his car. To my horror,the driver alighted and began yelling obscenities at the guard. Just then his child appeared. The poor boy looked embarassed by his father's behaviour. He quickly got in and they drove off.

I wondered what might have happened if the child had not appeared at that moment. I was disgusted at the behaviour of the driver who showed complete lack of consideration for others and set a poor example for his own child.

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