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Death is a Part of Life

December 11, 2007
By Anonymous

Death is a part of life by is not expected at an early age. My life has been impacted by two of these types of deaths and has changed my outlook and atitude on life. At sixteen you still have your whole life ahead of you but for two girls their dreams were cut short.
It was a hot August day when I was told Sarah was killed in a car accident. Sarah was sixteen, homecoming princess, and captain of the her cheerleading team. The news was shocking. She left behind two sisters and a devestated mother. At the funeral hundreds of freinds and family were gathered, sharing stories about Sarah and what a great person she was. Not one person had a negative thing to say to her. She had big dreams ahead of her, but all of them ended because of an eighteen wheeler. On that day I asked myself if i died what would people say about me? Since that day, I have tried to be more friendly to those who may not be the coolest pr prettiest because that day I realized that it doesnt matter who you hang out with or how much money you have but how kind you are because that is what people will remeber when you are gone.
The second death that impacted my life was my buddy, Yahshika, who was shot and killed on June 3, 2007. School had just ended, and she was just having fun like everyone else when she was killed by a bullet to her neck. She died in the arms of her older sister. Shika and i had played on a traveling basketball team since the sixth grade. During the school year we would play each other, and would have to gaurd eachother. No matter who won or lost we would always hug each other before and after the game. Her last game she would ever play was the JV championship this past season against our school. She had a beautiful smile, and i loved her very much adn will miss her gaurding me next year. This death was different than Sarah's because had seen this scenario before. I have not yet accepted the fact that Shika is gone and never going to be playing another basketball game with me.
Both of these deaths happened to early. Everyone wonders why these two girls? Why my child? Why my best freind? By these girls impacting me I want to repay them for changing my life by impacting people around me. No one knows when God will come calling so, we should live everyday like its our last, when i die, I want to know that I left a impression on someones life like Sarah and Shika left on me.

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