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Stay True

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

When I was young I acted differently around certain people, like I was torn between two personalities. Have you ever been torn between multiple personalities? I would always act differently in front of my friends than in front of my family. This led me to believe that all people should be true to them selves.

Now that I have developed this belief I have noticed that I don’t get put in to the pressures that I did when I acted differently. For example, I used to hang out with the “bad” kids at school. One time in the cafeteria at Nicholasville elementary my friends were throwing grapes and they encouraged me to do it, too. Of course we got in trouble and we had to stay and clean the whole cafeteria. Another time when I was in middle school one of my best friends wanted me to steal an I-pod from some one else. By this time I had developed my distinct personalities and the way I saw it was wrong to steal so I said no and never talked to him again.

Another reason that I believe in staying true to yourself is that people will like you for you not because of who you try to be. Going back to the story of me throwing the grapes I know now that those kids that I was with were my friends because I acted like them not like myself. Now that I think about it I was stupid to even be around those kids. Most of the time the kids are just acting like they like you anyway; if you stay true then you won’t have to deal with the problems that I have endured.

Over time I have gained this belief and I will always abide by this belief. I believe that every one should stay true to themselves because you will be put in better situations and you’ll make better friends. I have gained a sense if personality because of my belief.

In the future I’ll always be myself and continue to let my belief grow. Everyone should stay true to themselves, believe in this and you will have an easier social life.

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