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Her Circumstances

January 1, 2008
By Anonymous

As everyone grows they realize there will always be someone better. I had this privilege sophomore year. During the experience I felt like road kill; the shock was the raging two thousand pound pickup truck and my pride was left on the side of the road for dead. That was all it took; one year and one person to change everything.

Her name is “Jenny.” She was the girl that always raised her hand and had a witty comment to say about everything. When a teacher needed a challenging problem answered they called on her. If students needed answers they went looking for her.
I did not hate her, but I will admit her presence annoyed me. School was my audience and freshman year my stage I shined on. I was the person everyone noticed and all the teachers trusted. I was the model student who had surpassed the general crowd. This was how things should be!
Vanity had become a part of me as I became accustomed to putting on an act at school. I could not shine at home and have my parents see my achievements. My mom would return home from work at outrageous times of the night; it is so dreadful that she is unwilling to tell me any details. My father struggles to maintain the house with his injuries. I could not ask more from them. It became my routine that I stay up to perfect projects, and get ahead to get the attention I could not at home. Then she came out of nowhere! My opposition towards her was justified as a stubborn wolf claming her territory. Excel High School was my domain and she was trespassing!
We also had two classes together. There I got to see what everybody thought of her. When an exam was finished it became an accepted fact that she got the top grade even if I did. It didn’t matter to my classmates if I was right there. They rather cross a desert and ask her! I expected sophomore year to be the same and I would obtain my acknowledgement. I was left being denied my presence at home and now at school. Heartbroken, I felt like not trying anymore.

I stopped trying to put on a show because no one was watching anymore. Later I volunteered at the graduation ceremony. The valedictorian was called to make her speech. She discussed her difficulties and hardships. I realized that all her hard work and ambition got her there, not her desire to show off. It finally hit me that “Jenny” deserved the attention she got too. All I have been doing was feeling sorry for myself and dreading my situation while it was not the worse. There are people that struggle with obstacles not expecting anything in return. “Jenny” showed me how big the world is and how small a world I used to live in. I will do my best because I know that it will pay off.

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