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The Monotonous Life of an Unvaried Human Being on Planet Earth

June 2, 2023
By Anonymous

When being asked in a quick write what I would want to do as a future career without the expected daunting tasks of time, education, and money, I swiftly responded with an unrealistic dream that I have frequently considered throughout my life but would never seriously pursue. Though I am sure we would all be happier doing something practically unattainable in a constructive sense, for most of us that is not the case in the long-term final result. Life tends to usually get in the way of our plans and throw us into matters beyond our control. Of course it is always admittedly enjoyable to fantasize, but in my rewritten version of this quick write I chose to be more practical.

 Originally I wrote about being a star, a famous singer; an interest of mine that I have always adored since I was just a child. I imagined living lavishly in a big city, constantly being idolized by my loving fans and fashionably famous friends. Basking in the snaps of the camera shutters and the boom of the microphones belonging to my interviewers. Obviously, I think anyone would be thrilled to live that life. 

However, when given the opportunity to pursue a career without said limits, I later rethought my decision. If I was truly given that blessing, I think I would follow the same path I am on right now. Both of my ideal careers require a good amount of schooling, one more than the other. Obviously, with school comes major financial burdens on top of the everyday life I choose to live. Not to mention the added time and energy as well.

 I am about to enter college to major in both Psychology and Pre-Med leaving open the possibility for both of my intended occupations. Post-graduation I either want to become an Obstetrician, a doctor that specializes in the birth of babies and care of pregnant women, or, a Therapist running my own practice so I can specialize in any and all types of therapy as well as the flexible age-range of any patients I desire to treat. 

Therefore, when reconsidering the prompt of what career I would choose to pursue in an effortless world, I would take my time instead of responding swiftly. I would consider that gift more and choose wisely how I used it. And sure, maybe I would still be happier living out that fantasy. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t create my own happiness along the way by working hard for what I want. Nothing in life comes for free, and I truly believe that our victories, big or small, are much more satisfying when earned through extreme effort. 

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