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Real Estate

October 5, 2021
By th3y_3nvy3steban BRONZE, California, California
th3y_3nvy3steban BRONZE, California, California
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I know there are many things to be in life. We have lawyers, boxers, and even pro athletes that get paid just to play the sport they love. But would love to work in real estate/ be the owner of properties. I have a very big interest in working in real estate because who wouldn't love to convince someone to buy a house. In a way, I'm helping the community.

Achieving this goal will be hard but easy because I need friends/people to guide me into what steps to do. In my opinion, everyone needs a little help here and there whether we want it or not. I know for a fact that I will need help starting and knowing what to do. I'll need help from my friends that I know and college for the 4-year program in the business. After that, I will need to get a job selling cars because if I talk my way into buying a car I can talk them into buying a house I’ll need to get experience.

   The main steps I need will be almost free first go to college get into “business study and get a job selling things to people like cars, mattresses and anything” that will cost people money after that work enough to well I know can sell anything than work on getting my real estate license then from there start selling a house right her right there and I believe my dream will come true but reaching it will take time like 4-5 years I can get it sooner but I want to see what other and more activates I can do. After reaching this goal I want to buy a house and then buy my sisters their houses I want them to have one so they don't worry about money or anything like the other brother I want them to have everything they need but I also want to get my dad ranch and get him his horses and his zl1 Camaro, then get my mom her diamond ring there are so many things I believe I can do if I can get into real estate all I will have to wait and see. 

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My dream is to work in Real Estate and make money selling hosues buying them having 

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