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Getting My Car

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

“Come on we have to have Dinner be for picking up Steve at the airport,” mom said so we are go to El Nopal to have dinner. The restaurant is not that busy, they have it set up. There booths are around different lengths and they have three half booths with chairs on the other side.

We are having our usual Mom and I fajitas, Dad Quesadilla with no onion, guacamole, extra lettuce and sour cream, DJ Quesadilla just cheese, Allie and Belle rice. After just finishing our dinner we wait awhile before paying.

Then we step outside Steven and Pat (his mom) and get out of the car. At first I thought tit was a rental but it was not. They drove it up from California and the car was for my sixteenth birthday, it is a Suzuki Samurai. I was so surprised, it is small, holds four people, white on the outside with a black soft cover on the top and part of the back, and inside the same color except the seat covers are blue. It came with accessories, a new stereo with new sub woofers in the back, tool kits, gas can and some money my dad found in the car and CDs for the stereo.

The next day, he watched Allie, DJ and I try to find our Easter baskets and then we all watched Allie try to find the eggs. The next day we got ready to go camping for spring break, Steve, DJ and I go in my car. I drive of course. Mom, Allie, Belle and Pat drive the truck and pull the trailed to Beachwood Camping Resort next to Birch Bay.

Most of the time at Beachwood we spent was playing video games, going to the mall, listening to music, and going to the beach. The video games we were played was call of duty 2, gear of war, or perfect dark zero. At the mall walking around look most at more video games at game stop. My brother also reserved a cope of halo 3 and late bought the copy that week, but he had to wait until September to get it. The music we listened to was 80’s, 90’s, green day, and any thing else we put on his X- box 360 to listen to. We went to the beach played in sand a little, but mostly walk around finding shells and drift wood.

One day we were coming from the mall off the freeway I look both way and saw no cars and when I went to go the green truck was there and we almost got hit but luckily my car can turn quickly and go fast to make turns if it couldn’t do that we would have gotten hit. I was drive so it was scary and with my dad yell because he got scarred I started crying and had to com down to drive.

Now I reflect back on the experiences I had this year. I have come to this conclusion that at any time you can’t expect what is coming to you, good or bad. The good was getting my car. The bad was almost getting in a car accident, of course I don’t have my drivers license only a permit so my biological dad was always in the car with me and my brother because we mostly went to the mall that week.

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