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My Dream

October 5, 2018
By YESSENIAG SILVER, Sacromento Ca, California
YESSENIAG SILVER, Sacromento Ca, California
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Dreams and nightmares we all have them, we experience them. Dreams are what we would want to happen in our futures, hopes and goal. Our motivation to make come true. Nightmares are what most of us are afraid of, they unmotivated us.


My dreams is to achieve my goal to have my dream career of becoming a surgeon working with bodys in anyway. It being in a morgue or becoming a paramedic at first start small then go big. To have a family the life i always wanted my dream house. Being able to help out my parents in whatever they need, I know that I would love to buy them a house and i would like for them to just give me a phone call knowing I could get them what they need . For my dreams to come true i can't do it on my own am going to need help have support and my family by my side even in the hardest time.  

The nightmare of achieving your dreams is that There's ups and down when it comes to trying and achieving your dreams. There is always something that gets in the way. Not knowing what it might be. It could be a family problem. Your dreams aren't just going to appear in your arms and just magically happen. Achieving your goal and what you want in the future takes time and hard work .

You dreams are something you can make a reality but it could also just be in your head like an imagination that will never come true if you don't put effort, time and work, don't do anything, work poor and nothing will happen.

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