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First Basketball Game

January 3, 2008
By Anonymous

The first basketball game that I made a three-pointer was when we played against Laurel. When I got on the bus it was kind of a cool morning the temp was probably in the mid 50's. I remember getting on the bus at Columbus High School to head to Laurel, on the bus run there I was just sitting there think what a good game it was going to be. Then we got to Laurel got of the bus and walk into the game, the gym was kind of big. So then it was off to the locker room where we got changed into our white and green uniforms with white lettering with cougar paws around the arms and our basketball shoe on, and Laurel uniforms were purple with yellow numbers Then when we were in our uniforms we had a pre-game talk about what plays and the type of defense we were going to play, also Coach Patterson told us the people that were going to start out the game. Laurel uniforms were purple with yellow numbers. Then we came out of the locker room pumped up about the game and then we did our per-game lay-up and we then just shot around until the game started. Then the Basketball game got under way and I was just think what a good game it was going to turn out to be, and all I could do is sit there on the bench and think if i was going to every get any playing time during the game or would I have to sit on the bench the whole game. So then time was up in the First Half of the basketball game so it was time for us to go down to the locker room and talk about how the first half of the game went and what we needed to do difference in the second half of the game, so it was time to go back up and shot around and get ready for the other half of the game. So then the three quarter got underway and we came out really to play, we were running the offense and defense well and moving the ball down the court good. Then the fourth quarter came and with 5 minutes left in the quarter Coach Patterson told me that I was going to check into the game. I was glad that I was going to get to go in. So then with 2 minutes left on the clock my teammates passed me the ball I came down to the three-point line put up a shot and I didn't think it was going to go through the hoop but when the referee make the signal that it was a three-point I was could not believe what I had done. So then when the crowd saw the signal from the referee, they stood up and started to yell and cheer for me. Then the game was over and it was time to make a line a shake the hands of the other team and tell them Good game. After that Coach Patterson came over and congratulated me on a very good shot, and I think he was very proud of me. So then it was time to go back to the locker room and shower and get ready to go home. Then it was time to come back home and found so thing else to do with the rest of the afternoon. When i got home my mom told me she was proud of the shot that i make during the game, and she told me that she was going to give me five dollars for that three-pointer.

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