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College: The Great Anticipation MAG

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   "Ken. Ken," the teacher exclaimed. "Do you know the answer to the fourth question?" Unfortunately, I was caught during another daydream filled with images and ideas. Images and ideas of the college scene at a big school in the warm climate of southern United States.

As a seventeen-year-old junior, I daydream of this many times during a typical high school day. Soon, four years of high school will come to an end and I will be off to the college of my choice with my ideas and aspirations. Although I have some feelings of trepidation, I am confident that I will enjoy and adjust to college. This confidence comes from four intense years of training in high school.

Despite the fact I have over a year left, I feel ready to go to college. I look forward to the challenges, the education, the new people, and most of all, the additional freedom. The idea of being apart from my family does trouble me somewhat, but I think with time, I will overcome these fears.

As I look ahead, I get a sense of extreme excitement amd anticipation, followed by the strong determination to succeed in high school. Although at times I feel pressure to do well, not from my parents, but from myself. I always try to think of my long-term goals and how I am going to achieve them. This keeps my priorities straight and helps to preserve my sanity, or what is left of it.

For the last three years, college has seemed like an aberration and not a reality, but for the first time it seems is if it is within reach. This stirs up feelings of anxiety, anticipation: anticipation for the day I fulfill my daydream and leave for college. v

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