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September 27, 2007
By Anonymous

"Craziness is not keeping a dark secret, it's when you ever tell a lie and enjoy it, or wish to be a child forever" quoted from my favourite movie : "Girl Interrupted". Why not look at it this way, maybe Craziness is a way of seeing life and understanding people more clearly and positively, you see their personality floating up their faces and say anything that occurs to you, Why? maybe because you're the crazy one, maybe craziness is taking simple things to be more complicated and taking complicated things simpler. Perhaps craziness is a blessing from God to make life easier or a curse that you're destined to live with the rest of your life. If insane people are who hurt themselves and cut their veins, what name should we be called, predators??Even when mad people kill, they don't really know what they're doing, but when the so called "normal" people kill, they have their reasons and know exactly what they're doing and why they're doing it, for fun, money, or maybe for holding a grudge and needing to revenge, for humiliation, lust, for turturing and sometimes for being tired of life. From my point of view they're the ones who should be called "crazy"...Because the so called "normal people" come to a point where they turn into animals and on the contrary, the insane ones turn to something we can't understand and may never will with our complicated mind, or maybe..simple mind???What is the logical explanation for madness?doing something leading to embarassment or doing something that the majority can't handle or don't agree with? Who put that rule??sane people? us? what proof can u get for our sanity but the theory that we invented?Being too optimistic, too enthusiastic, too depressed for the rest of the people is not being crazy, and being sane doesn't prove you really are!!!All intelligent poeple are considered crazy because they crossed the limit in some field the majority couldn't cross,so intelligent people can't be normal which proves that being insane is going intelligent and abnormal to the rest of the people, to what we call normal people.."Craziness is not being broken or swallowed in a dark secret it's you and me being amplified"...

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