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Freelance: A New Begining

Author's note: Live your live the way you want to and don’t let anybody tell you what to do. Because if you...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Live your live the way you want to and don’t let anybody tell you what to do. Because if you can find something you love, then your life will be full of happiness.

I dedicate this story to all those who have lost the battle with depression.

A special thanks to TWLOHA. For getting me out of the dark before I drowned in it. For giving me something to believe in and for steering me in the direction of writing in the first place.

To my best mate for being the inspiration for Wendy.

And to Short Stack, for unknowingly giving me the ideas for the main characters Adrian (Andy), Shaun (Shane) and Bradie (Ben)  « Hide author's note
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A Taste Of Fame

As my alarm went off, I started thinking about what had happened yesterday. Could it really have happened? No, it must have just been a really good dream. Wait a second, I didn’t set my alarm, and even if I did, I so did NOT set it for four o’clock in the morning.
Before I could really react to all the noise pumping from my phone, Ben was at my side. Looking, well, looking kind of mad at me.
“Come on you slow poke, HURRY UP!” I have only known Ben for what, about a day? It seemed impossible but, he was all ready starting to get on my nerves. School didn’t even start for five hours, why did we have to rush into getting there.
“DUDE COME ON. It’s four o’clock. The teachers don’t get to the school until seven, I will be up and ready to go by the time we have to leave.” It’s not like we have to be there before the teachers, and even if it is, I am not leaving so early.
“Quit your yelling Ben.” Oh thank lord for Shane and his perfect timing, but was Ben just about to ask why I was in the band if I didn’t get up early in the mornings? “This isn’t a venue, it’s just a school. There is no need to show up this early in the morning, besides we haven’t even found out were the school is.” Wait, WHAT? They clearly don’t know that I was the one who organised the show, or that it was my school.
“Um, guys? I can show you exactly where the school is, because it is MY school. AND I organised for you to come so, please trust me when I say you don’t have to rock up until like, 8:30.” Ben and Adrian were looking at me in a funny way and I don’t know why. It’s not like I just told them I new the name of every school in the next 50 Km radius. Which I did, mind you.
“Oh, well then, um. I’ll just go now.” Oh god how I wish you could see his face right now. He kind of looks like he started a fight over the wrong subject. Which he pretty much had, but that is not the point.
“Uh, Uh. You get back here and apologise for yelling at the poor girl.” Poor girl? What does he think I am? Some kind of chick who needs a man to protect her? Oh well, it will not kill me just this once. Besides, Ben has to apologise to me, I wasn’t even that angry that he yelled at me.
“I, Well, I’m sorry that I yelled at you Jess. I’m just so used to the big shows that I forgot what it is like for the little shows. I hope you can forgive me.” WOW. That almost sounded sincere, he even asked for forgiveness. But the way he said it sounded like it was more of a joke than anything else.
Before I could say anything Ben had turned his back and was walking away, but Shane had different plans. He started running to Ben, battle cry and all. Just as I was about to move out of the way, Ben jumped forward stopping Shane in his tracks. I had watched them on you-tube enough to know that they always act like this, so there was no need to worry about them hurting each other.
Then he was there, standing in the hallway looking at his two mates fighting on the floor. Something that didn’t seem to amuse him the way it did me, probably because he watches them do this kind of thing every day. Finaly he looked up, seeing me standing there looking at him, he motioned with his hand for me to come join him. I did.
“Good morning Jessica, how was your first Freelance morning? From here it seemed very eventful?” Ha, sounds to me like the boys planned to wake me up like this. “Hey is it really true that you were the one who organised for us to come and play at St Greenford Tec?”
“Yer. I even put forward the original idea. Not that that really matters because I don’t get to sit and watch, I get to stand up on stage with you and sing in front of people.” Sure it’s people that I see everyday, but who cares about that? Not me that’s for sure. “I still can’t believe how I am part of Freelance, I mean you guys are the reason I have the guts to sing in front of other people. Of course I’m not complaining it’s a great thing.” Oh I had to shut up or I may be risking a lot more than my position in the band.
“Hey, your kind of talking really fast. Would you just relax a little for me?” I tried to relax, but then I saw what Adrian had been doing before the little hall incident, he had been making breakfast. Yum “Do you want some? I can make another bowl if you want.” I must look like really hungry because Adrian passed me the pre-made cereal, turned around and started making another bowl instead of waiting for my answer.
Something is wrong with me I am sure of it, because I gulped down the entire bowl of cereal like it was nothing more than a jelly bean. Maybe it was just how I was awake at four o’clock this morning, and that would make sense because I am so not a morning person. Not to mention I got up at this time yesterday as well.
“Ha, I guess you really were hungry. Did you know that we have to leave in half an hour?” The sad part is, he is not kidding, its eight o’clock already. “We should probably get there early, you know to set up and all that stuff. I’ll go get the other two and you go start the van, and you can drive if you want.” Cool, I get to drive there.
I went to turn around, but Adrian once again grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. He moved his head to kiss me but I was one step ahead of him, I quickly placed my arms around his shoulders and put my lips to his. And god it was a good kiss, even better than last night and I guess that’s because he wasn’t sure if I would hit him then.
The kiss didn’t last as long as I would have liked, but we did have a bit of work to do before we could actually hang out together. I successfully walked away from him this time, not that I wanted that to happen.
Shane got the boys together, and all three of them did an award winning exit from the house. Wendy coming out of the house after them, looking like her hot self, yet rather plain in her red uniform, but that is compared to there designer clothes. I was lucky enough that I got to wear some cool clothes instead of the ugly uniform I usually wear to school.
Ben must have forgotten something because he turned around muttering something that I probably didn’t want to hear and sprinted back inside. Just as quick as he had gone in he came running back out. He decieded to walk back instead. I saw something getting shoved into his jacket pocket but forgot all about it when I saw him giving Wendy the quick once over.
Oh my god. He checked her out. Ok now I definitely have to try and get them together.
With everyone in the car, I turned it on and headed to the school. The whole way there I kept seeing Ben glance over at Wendy.
“Ben be more obvious about it why don’t you man.” I can see the red creeping up his cheeks, he looked at me with a bit of a guilty look on his face, his eyes however, clearly said ‘Oh crap you know’. “You gotta learn to be more subtle. Not everyone’s blind when it comes to stuff like this.” I had forgotten that I was in a van full people until Shane started talking.
“Yo, either of you two wanna involve the rest of us in this conversation? Or you good talking in code?” Thankfuly Shane caught sight of the high school before I had to answer him.
As we drove into the schools parking lot, I saw an empty spot right next to the building. So being a lazy person, and not so willing to cart instruments any more than I have to, I pulled up into it. Besides, it was probably reserved for the boys any way.
“All right. Adrian take the guitars in, Ben start taking in the drum kit, I’ll get the microphones and cords in and Jess... Umm, help Ben with the drums.” Cool, I was getting jobs within the band already. “Lets go rock out this school, and give these kids something worth remembering.”
Getting the kids her to remember something isn’t that hard. I remember one time, we were all sitting our GAT’s and it started raining. That was the talk of the school for about a week. This will stump that big time.
We got all set up in about half an hour, so Shane and I warmed up our vocals while Ben and Adrian practiced playing ‘stars by the hundred’. You could see the tention on everyones faces when Mr Mickston walked in before we could finish our practise, and to tell you the truth, he didn’t look all to happy.
“Jessica Williams, would you leave the band alone, go to your form class and explain to Mrs Petra why you are late.” No way, I was so not going to leave my band here by themselves. So to tell him that I was not going anywhere was not so hard, I shook my head in a stubborn way. Dull I know, but he hate it. “Oh, okay then. If you would prefer to go to the office then be my guest.”
“Look, Bob. I am not going anywhere, because I am not a student here today. I am the lead female vocalist for Freelance, so could you just go yell at someone who is actually your student?” I turned my back to him and faced Shane. “It’s just so hard to find good help these days, you would think that he would respect a member of the band.” Shane had started laughing when Mickston was yelling at me, and he had only just started calming down so that last comment had started a fresh fit of laughter. This time though we all joined in, well except for Bob.
* * *
By the end of the day I was well and truly buggerd, and from the look of Adrian, so was he. Somehow even though he was covered in sweat and all but gasping for air, he still managed to look like a god damn model, that may have something to do with the fact he had taken his shirt off at some point during the show. Even if we all looked as tired as we were, everyone was happy to scream for more. I wish that people would just get that enough is enough. Still I suppose that’s going to be something for me to get used to.
Just as Shane was about to thank everybody that was in earshot for being fans, Mickston came up on stage again. It seems to me like he was trying to steal the spotlight, not like that was ever going to happen for him.
“Well everyone I hope you are going to thank Freelance for coming, and I hope that you will all let them leave without a hassle. Anyone who gives them trouble will be sent straight home.” So in short, he wants to talk to us without being interrupted by students... Great.
With all of the songs finished, and all the students going to have there lunch, I finally had time to talk to Adrian about that date. I was just about to go over to where he was standing when Samantha Kurt and her freak of a best friend, Lorrie Peterson, walked up onto the stage. This should be lots of fun to see her get ignored.
I guess it would be more accurate to say that Lorrie is more a side kick than a friend, but I don’t care enough about her to actually tell her, that she is an idiot for hanging out with Samantha. I would have been happy to be her friend but no, she had to go and talk like Sam, dress like Sam, even WALK like stupid little Samantha.
“Hello darling, I haven’t seen you in ages.” The strange thing was that she said that to Shane. Not to mention she walked straight up to him and threw her gross hands around his neck. “I think you should come and spend some time with me, don’t you?” The funniest thing happened next, he pulled back out of her reach looking very surprised and not in a good way.
“Um I don’t think I know you, and I have one question for you. Who the hell are you?” I think Samantha had bitten of a little more than she could chew this time, I mean trying to stun Shane into not understanding what she was telling him. Like as if that was ever going to happen. He wrote the book on dazzling people.
“Oh, I, um, it doesn’t matter. I was just telling my friend here how we had met, but if you don’t remember me then I guess that it wasn’t as big a deal as I had thought.” WHAT? For once I seriously can’t tell if she was being serious or just making things up to make herself look cool after being rejected.
“Look I have no idea what so ever, of who you are, and you seriously need to stop trying to show of in front of your friends because it always backfires. Take it from me, showing will always end up with you being full of disappointment ” Shane said that and then turned to us looking like the weirdest thing had just happened... and it kind of had. “Lets get back to the house pick up our last few things and get to our next gig, or at least out of this school.” It was Adrian who spoke next, and I don’t really blame him, he had a very good point.
“You know that would be a great idea had we not promised to hang around for the rest of the day, it is to bad that you had to suggest that idea to us, or we could have been gone by now.” I couldn’t help but laugh at Shane’s face as he remembered telling me he would hang around and talk to the kids at school until it was time for them to go home.
Through the rest of the day all four of us went from class to class explaining why I was preforming with them today, and how they should look forward to seeing me as a member of Freelance. My favourite part of the day was when we got Mickston’s year 9 geography class to tell the year 9’s about why I was singing with Freelance, and Bob stood up and apologised for yelling at me earlier. That really was the last thing I had expected from him, but it was about time he actually felt guilty for something that he had done to me.
There was a fair amount of time were we didn’t actually have anything to do, so following a suggestion made by Ben, we wrote a new song. It’s called ‘Carnivals burning’, it was more a love song than anything but it still managed to fit perfectly in with the Freelance name and style.
“Hey Jess how do you feel about going to a movie with us tonight? Just asking because the initiation is generally to watch a scary movie without screaming. But I mean if you don’t want to we can make it something more, easy. You know, like a romance maybe” What the hell did Ben think I was? Your everyday wimpy girl? NO, it so didn’t work that way.
“There is no way in hell that I am going to back down from a horror movie, I hear that the new movie Justify is as scary as hell so lets go see that... unless you boys are going to wimp out on me. But I mean if you don’t want to watch that movie we could always go to something a little more, EASY, a kids cartoon MAYBE?.”
“Ouch, harsh. She’s power playing us boys, not to mention she’s doing it well.” I love it when I can win in a verbal attack, I also love the way that boys such as Shane call it ‘Power Play’. “That was a good come back you just gave there darling. You know what boys? I think Justify would be the perfect movie for an initiation procedure. Plus we haven’t watched a half decent horror movie since we initiated Pete.”
If I knew who Pete was I would tell you, but I don’t so anyway. I think Ben must have seen my reaction to the mention of this mystery, because he jumped right into explaining to me who Pete was. It turns out that Pete was one of the extra people that control the setup of stage and stuff like that, Pete is in control of using the synthesiser in gigs. And according to Ben he is ‘The bomb’ at the synth.
“So who exactly will be at the horror movie thing-a-mabob?” I had to ask it because hey, wouldn’t you want to know who was going if it was you in my place. Besides I think I have every right to want to know, after all I just won a boys power play.
“Well there will be you, me, Ben, Shane, Pete, Kelsey and Wendy. I am sure you don’t really mind if Kelsey comes with us, after all she is a major part of our merchandise team?” Why Adrian asked that is beyond me but hey, what ever. “Plus we could always hang out afterwards and have that date if you want.” With that he smiled and walked off.
I had to admit I was kind of glad he had brought up that date because I really wanted to be alone with him again. I just can’t get my mind around it, the touching... And that kiss, wow. I got dragged out of my memory when Penny called me over.
Penny is my darling sister, she started year 7 this year and she is loving school so much that she even does the Sunday programs. I mean hello the Sunday programs. But I guess she needs good grades if she is going to be an accountant when she leaves school. Penny looks kind of like me but her hair is blond (a trait from our father that walked out on us on her first birthday) plus her tips are brown and black. I am kind of jealous of her dark brown eyes that are so dark they are almost black.
“Hey Jess, Umm you should go see mum, she was here this morning to take photos of me getting the recognition awards and saw you up on stage. She is so happy for you, and I think you should take Adrian with you... You’re not very good at hiding when you have kissed a guy.” OH CRAP! That’s just what I need, mum knowing I kissed Adrian when I had been so careful so that she wouldn’t find out.
“Okay, thanks Penny. Congrats on the awards anyway, at least one of us can say we get the things given to us. You can’t happen to tell me where mum is can you?” Before Penny even opened her mouth I heard mums odd squeal thing she does when she is proud of one of her girls. “Hi mum. So I am guessing you saw the show.” Mum just stood where she was still not saying anything other than that squeal. The next person to say anything was Ben, he is not very good at handling high pitched noises.
“What the hell is that lady doing guys, it reminds me of fingernails on a blackboard. Jess why is she looking at you like that anyway?” I think Ben thought she was some kind of nut job trying to get kids to see her. It strikes me as odd how he cant see my face in her features seeing as the only thing I get from my father is his singing voice.
“She is my mother Ben, and I think she is trying to wrap her head around the fact that her oldest girl is the newest member of Freelance. I do believe she has the right to feel that way therefore giving her the right to make high pitched noises in your presence.” Ben started off looking a little aggravated but then he caught onto the joke in my words.
By the time Ben sat back down in his seat, mum had walked over to me and stoped that sound. Mum had got her hair done last night I could tell by the way it was staying in a normal hairstyle instead of going every were like normal. Plus she generally does to calm herself down after getting worked up fighting with Bob, it is really kind of fun to watch her walk into the hairdresser. The ladies know her now, they just get a free chair sit her down and say we will be with you in second.
“Oh my god, why didn’t you call me after the audition? Or even text me? I am so proud of you darling. I just wish you had of told me about you and that boy over there.” Oh crap... Penny wasn’t kidding when she had said mum knew.
I looked over to Adrian to see how much he had picked up from mums ramble. From the look on his face, all of it. I’m just starting to wonder what Shane will do when he gets up and walks over to us, over to me to be precise.
“Hello Mrs Williams, my name is Adrian Crest and I just wanted to ask if I could take your daughter out tomorrow night?” As he said that he had placed one of his hands on my hip, while the other found a place on my shoulder. I was hardly aware of what he and my mother were saying to one an other, all I heard was a yes from mum and some kind of thankyou from Adrian.
Adrian started walking me back over to the table where we had been sitting all that day, not moving his hands away from my body. By now I have my mind back for myself, just in time to see Adrian sit down, reach out to me and lead me over to the seat right next to his. I am really liking this, I have got my dream job, with my dream band, AND I have my dream man, it all seems to good too be real.
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