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Not easy being me

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Weird much?

Weird much?

September 9
Okay, so my friends are acting weird around me, well mostly Rebecca and Whitney. Ally and Emerson are on my side, so far. I don’t know what’s going on. Becca ignored me when I said hi to her in the hall yesterday and Whitney, well Whitney is always being weird. This time is different though. She usually has a smile on her face when she sees me, but not today. She just glared at me. I don’t understand, I didn’t do anything but I know they think I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some random person in the hallway, but who would be that low to start something like this. Mom says I worry way too much, and she’s right. I do. I mean, it was only one text message, probably someone playing a trick on me or something right? I sure hope so. I survived my first day of high school and now I’m going back for more. Wish me luck.

Arianna put her wallet on the kitchen table and sighed.
“what’s the matter Ari honey, you seem down”
“it’s nothing, just got a strange text, that’s all”
Arianna’s mother sighed. “You kids and your texting these days, just another way to cause stuff that doesn’t need to be started in the first place”
“yeah-yeah mom” Arianna laughed, gave her mom a hug and went out the door. The car waiting for her.
See they have to still like me, they came this morning
“Get in girl” said Emerson with a big smile on her face. Rebecca tapped Emerson on her shoulder and whispered something but Arianna couldn’t quite make it out. The car started to drive the girls to school and everyone was quiet besides Ally, who was mumbling her homework problems to herself.
“Will you quit it Ally?” shouted Whitney.
Ally looked puzzled. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong.
“That mumbling is making my brain hurt, and it’s annoying”
Ally laughed to herself and mumbled. “At least I have a brain”
The driver looked at the girls with suspicion. Even he knew something was going on between them. Arianna looked out the window and saw Greg as they pulled up. The girls got out of the car one by one.
“don’t wait up guys, I’m going to walk with Greg”
Arianna walked up to Greg and he put his fingers in between hers. She liked how they were together, she felt like he was hers and no one else’s. They were perfect together. He took her out to dinner on valentine’s day, he bought her a teddy bear the day she got her wisdom teeth pulled out. He loved her even though she looked like a Chipmunk with Botox injections.
“So how you liking Drango so far?” he asked.
“it’s okay, so far so good. Ya know?”
“yeah it deffinatley takes some getting used too” he paused for a moment. “I’ll meet up with you later, I got something I have to do”
“like hang out with your other girlfriend?” she said with a flirty smile. Greg kissed her cheek softly. “Never” and smiled. Then, just like that. He was gone. Emerson being her sneaky self, was following Greg the whole time. She always had Arianna’s back and she knew Greg was acting weird around her. Arianna just didn’t want to believe it.
Emerson crept up behind a bush and waiting until Greg did something. Oddly, nothing happened. Until a girl walked up to him and started getting her flirt on.
“Hey you” she said. No one knew who this girl was. Emerson asked Arianna, Jordan, Rebecca, Whitney and Ally. None of them had an answer. The mystery girl was to be found out immediately. From behind it looked like Rebecca. But it couldn’t have been. The girls sat there and investigated all of their lunch period. Greg approached Arianna.
“Hey” he said blaintly.
“you okay?”
Arianna had her reasons to be short with him. He has been acting different ever since the last day of summer when they went swimming.
“why you being short with me?”
“because she can!” interrupted Emerson,
“Emerson, please” said Arianna. “you’ve been acting weird lately. So you tell me, are YOU okay?”
Greg looked away from everyone else. His light brown hair shining in the sun. Rebecca let out a slight laugh, Arianna looked at her and she turned away. When she looked back to get a response from Greg, he was gone.
Weird much? Though Arianna.
Another day in high school? She wasn’t ready for this kind of drama. Greg not wanting to talk to Arianna made her stomach sink. She went to the bathroom and cried so hard her eyes were as red as a stop sign. Emerson walked into the bathroom and gave Arianna a hug.
“Things only get better in time right? He isn’t worth all of this” she took a paper towel from the dispenser and wiped Arianna’s eyes for her.
“thanks” said Arianna wiping the stained tears from her cheek onto the floor. “You always cheer me up Em, you’re my bestie”
“hey, it’s what I’m here for. Who needs boyfriends when you got best friends right?”
Arianna thought to herself, Did I really still have my friends, or are they ignoring me too?
Emerson and Arianna passed Greg in the hallway. Emerson “Accidently” hit him with her bag. Jordan was in the hallway too.
“Hey guys! Guess what, I just checked the list of people who made it on the field hockey team and guess who made it?!”
“Me!!!!” Jordan was so excited.
usually when she gets caught up with sports she disappears for a while unless they get her to talk for a while, and not about sports. Jordan does this thing where she gets to involved. In gym last year we had to play dodge ball. Rebecca sat there checking her nails, Emerson played with Arianna’s hair curling it into thick long curls, Whitney kept getting hit by the ball, Ally was pretending to get out because she didn’t want to ruin her writing hand. And Jordan was spiking balls at the other team like it was no one’s business. She was dodging them as if her life depended on it, she grunted and hustled, threw the ball and hit Jimmy Jones right in the face leaving a big red spot right in the center of his head. He got hit so hard the nurse had to knock him back into reality. Jordan still laughs about that day and I’m pretty sure everyone else does.
“Congratulations Jordy, im proud of you!” said Arianna.
“yeah me too!” said Emerson
“thanks guys!”
The girls went off to class to finish the rest of their boring days and headed to the car after school. Everyone was especially quiet today. Whitney and Rebecca were talking about getting together this weekend for mani’s and petti’s but didn’t invite the other girls.
“Can I come?” asked Ally. I need to re do my nails anyway.
“Sorry Al, it’s just me and Whitney this time”
Rebecca was leaving everyone out of everything, and the girls just wouldn’t have it.
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