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Not easy being me

February 23, 2011
By loves2write SILVER, cherry hill, New Jersey
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loves2write SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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First day of freshman year

September 8
Today is the first day of freshman year, the beginning to the rest of your life. I went to the orientation over the summer and everyone looked so old. The upper classman had beards and mustaches, can you say gross? Mom said I don’t have to worry as long as I surround myself with great friends, and I do. I’ve been hanging out with the same people for six years now. Ally, Whitney, Rebecca, Jordan and Emerson.
Ally is the one with the brains; she knows everything about everything and still maintains good looks. Most girls like Ally care to much about their books rather than looks but somehow she is good at keeping up with both of them. Whitney, the blonde. Whitney doesn’t have any smarts, oh , besides what shade of orange to get when she gets her spray tans done. She is too busy looking at the guys in biology to even realize what’s going on. Like this time our teacher was talking about where genes come from, Mrs. Jones called on her and of course, Whitney said “From the mall” with that bright smile of hers. Rebecca is the girl everyone stares at in the hallway and whishes they could be her but with more meat on their bones. Rebecca, like me, is going to be a freshman this year and she only weighs about 90 pounds. I have to admit
she is pretty though. Jordan is the tom boy of the group, she plays all these different sports.

Softball, Basketball, ice hockey, field hockey , lacrosse. Sometimes she even goes paintballing with her older brother. She doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks about her, I guess that’s why we are so close. Last but not least; Emerson. The red head with a baby doll like figure. Emerson has been my bff
ever since the day in pre k I found out she stole my crayons. She wanted the red one but I was using it so when I wasn’t looking she sneakily took the red from my cubby and drew all over her desk with it. Surprisingly enough she still has her sneaky ways. Then there is me, Arianna. I have the most perfect boyfriend, I get the grades I need to pass and I try to look my best every day, except for gym days of course. And the only thing I have to say is, High school, get ready ‘cause here I come.
It was 7:15 and the black range rover pulled up in front of Arianna’s three story house. The girls always picked her up for school and after school. The horn beeped and Arianna rushed out the door.
“hey girl nice top” said Whitney
“thanks nice skirt” said Arianna with a smile.
The car pulled up to Jordan’s house as she was waiting patiently with a basketball in hand. The basketball thumped as she ran to the door and got in.
“hey guys! Ready for the first day of freshman year?” she yelled.
“yay” everyone said sarcastically, except Ally. Ally loved school and she was especially excited when she got her list of school supplies, as soon as she got it she was out in 5 seconds and back in 10 minutes. “actually I’m kind of excited for school to start” she said “seeing everyone again, meeting new teachers”
“boringggg” said Rebecca. “why would anyone want to see the hideous clothes people wear nowadays”
“yea it’s pretty trifling don’t you think”
“whitney I’m surprised you know what Trifling means” Arianna said.
Whitney giggled “I know right!”
The car pulled up to Drango highschool, Drango is a nice school, a lot of money would come out of peoples wallets just so their sons and daughters could go there and be among the high class like their parents were when they were young.
“Bye Ladies” said Michael. Michael was the girls’ driver. Drove them anywhere they wanted as long as he walked away with cash.
The morning announcements came on and the girls were talking in the hallway as a girl passed them. Rebecca looked at this girl like she had four heads. Or maybe it was just her poor sense of style. You never knew with Rebecca. She knew almost everything that went on in school, she loves juicy gossip.
“oh em gee did you see that girls outfit?” she said
“I liked it” said Emerson. Rebecca gave her a glare, one of those glares that said you have to like what I like to be my friend. And Emerson just starred away.
The first bell rang.
The girls were off to their homerooms. Whitney was up one floor and I was down one floor, Rebecca was all the way across the school and Ally and Emerson were in Arianna’s homeroom.
They arrived to class to see a bald man with khaki’s and a Hawaiian shirt and sandals. His name was Mr. Pierce. He was a crazy teacher, he said the word Like to many times and his facials expression always looks surprised, like he’s just seen a ghost.
“hello class, I’m Mr Pierce and I will be your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year. I would like to say Welcome to Drango, I’m sure you’ll like it”
Arianna looked around the room and saw a poster that read “We don’t give up on you” and then her phone buzzed. It was Rebecca.
“Meet me in Hall E”
Arianna asked Ally where Hall E was so she could meet up with Rebecca and instead she found Greg. Greg was Arianna’s boy friend of a whole year. Jock. He was the quarter back for the football team, he is the pitcher for their school’s and travel team and most importantly he had money. His dad owned a hote business called “surwish inn”
“hey Ari” he called out. “where you headed?”
“trying to find hall E to meet Rebecca, do you know where it is?”
“right down the hall, go down those steps and you’re there”
Greg gave her a hug and a quick kiss not knowing a teacher was behind them
“no kissing in the halls” she said with a frown on her face. That was Ms Crowley, she was always in a bad mood. Her husband left her for his co worker last year and she is still recovering from it. She is just jealous she doesn’t have a hottie like Arianna does.
Arianna made her way to the hallway downstairs and saw a big blob of blonde. She tapped Rebecca and smiled.
“you buzzed?”
“yeah, have you seen what people are wearing? Look around”
Arianna looked around and saw people wearing shorts and tee shirts. What any normal person would wear for summer time.
“what’s wrong about it?” she asked
“is that a joke? They obviously shop at a homeless shelter”
“that isnt nice rebecca”
“neither are your shoes” Rebecca scowled at her, making Arianna feel like a little puppy and Rebecca was the owner. Arianna walked away in hopes that Rebecca would apologize, but nothing.
Rebecca always has to be right, all the time, not once not twice, all the time! why cant she be more like other people and treat them with respect and not wine all the time?! ugh. She doesn’t even say sorry?
Arianna got back to homeroom as the bell rang, her and Ally were off to first period together. Geometry. Ally loved math, she could probably remember Pi in her sleep. As for Arianna, Arianna preferred writing, that’s why she chose journalism as her elective. Although she was a bit nervous, she didn’t know what to expect. The girls arrived in Geometry and took their seats.
“everybody stand up, you don’t think you can pick your own seats can you?” said the teacher. He had a light blue polo on and courderoy shorts on. He looked nice. The only problem was, he didn’t let his students sit where they wanted. Which was a problem for Ally. She got assigned a seat in the back with drawings of inappropriate things and hearts with initials in it, while she prefers the nice clean desk in the front with no drawings and nice work space on it. Luckily the teacher let her sit in the front with Arianna.
Arianna’s phone buzzed again, but this time she didn’t look at it right away because she was in the front. If she wanted to look at her text she was going to have to wait until the teacher sat at his desk in the back of the class. He talked for thirty minutes straight about what is expected of the students he teaches and what they should always bring to class. All that boring stuff. Of course, Ally was jotting this all down even though she had a list in front of her to look off of. The teacher walked to the back of the class and Arianna picked up her phone and put it under her desk to look at it. Whitney. Her phone buzzed again, Jordan.
“ I hate this class it’s not my thing- WhitNEY” her signature was “WhitNEY” because her favorite animal’s are horses. If only she knew how to spell correctly.
“I have to stay after today, my gym teacher said there is a field hockey meeting right after school- Jordyy”
Arianna quickly closed her phone as the teacher came up behind her. The bell rang and they were off. Arianna headed the opposite direction and bumped into Emerson.
“Ari! Hey how do you like it so far?”
Arianna sighed. “it’s going to take some getting used to I guess. What’s up with Becca, she seemed mad today”
“you know how she gets when there’s no good fashion sense around, everythings gota be-“
“her way” they both said. They laughed, they always finished each others sentences and thought it was funny how they knew each other so well.
“well she called my shoes ugly today”
“don’t worry I think they’re cute. Totally you” she said with a giggle.
Arianna and Emerson headed off to English together. Another thing they had in common was they both loved to write but never told their friends about it. They would all laugh and kick them out of the group.
Arianna’s phone went off yet again and this time It was from a blocked number.
“I know you’re talking trash about me and it will stop. Love RH”
Arianna’s stomach dropped, she knows she didn’t do anything but why would anyone start drama with her of all people. That feeling in your stomach when someone is trying to get you mad but you act like it doesn’t make you feel weird but it does, that same feeling crept up on Arianna. Who sent the text to her, and who is RH?

Weird much?

September 9
Okay, so my friends are acting weird around me, well mostly Rebecca and Whitney. Ally and Emerson are on my side, so far. I don’t know what’s going on. Becca ignored me when I said hi to her in the hall yesterday and Whitney, well Whitney is always being weird. This time is different though. She usually has a smile on her face when she sees me, but not today. She just glared at me. I don’t understand, I didn’t do anything but I know they think I did. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some random person in the hallway, but who would be that low to start something like this. Mom says I worry way too much, and she’s right. I do. I mean, it was only one text message, probably someone playing a trick on me or something right? I sure hope so. I survived my first day of high school and now I’m going back for more. Wish me luck.

Arianna put her wallet on the kitchen table and sighed.
“what’s the matter Ari honey, you seem down”
“it’s nothing, just got a strange text, that’s all”
Arianna’s mother sighed. “You kids and your texting these days, just another way to cause stuff that doesn’t need to be started in the first place”
“yeah-yeah mom” Arianna laughed, gave her mom a hug and went out the door. The car waiting for her.
See they have to still like me, they came this morning
“Get in girl” said Emerson with a big smile on her face. Rebecca tapped Emerson on her shoulder and whispered something but Arianna couldn’t quite make it out. The car started to drive the girls to school and everyone was quiet besides Ally, who was mumbling her homework problems to herself.
“Will you quit it Ally?” shouted Whitney.
Ally looked puzzled. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong.
“That mumbling is making my brain hurt, and it’s annoying”
Ally laughed to herself and mumbled. “At least I have a brain”
The driver looked at the girls with suspicion. Even he knew something was going on between them. Arianna looked out the window and saw Greg as they pulled up. The girls got out of the car one by one.
“don’t wait up guys, I’m going to walk with Greg”
Arianna walked up to Greg and he put his fingers in between hers. She liked how they were together, she felt like he was hers and no one else’s. They were perfect together. He took her out to dinner on valentine’s day, he bought her a teddy bear the day she got her wisdom teeth pulled out. He loved her even though she looked like a Chipmunk with Botox injections.
“So how you liking Drango so far?” he asked.
“it’s okay, so far so good. Ya know?”
“yeah it deffinatley takes some getting used too” he paused for a moment. “I’ll meet up with you later, I got something I have to do”
“like hang out with your other girlfriend?” she said with a flirty smile. Greg kissed her cheek softly. “Never” and smiled. Then, just like that. He was gone. Emerson being her sneaky self, was following Greg the whole time. She always had Arianna’s back and she knew Greg was acting weird around her. Arianna just didn’t want to believe it.
Emerson crept up behind a bush and waiting until Greg did something. Oddly, nothing happened. Until a girl walked up to him and started getting her flirt on.
“Hey you” she said. No one knew who this girl was. Emerson asked Arianna, Jordan, Rebecca, Whitney and Ally. None of them had an answer. The mystery girl was to be found out immediately. From behind it looked like Rebecca. But it couldn’t have been. The girls sat there and investigated all of their lunch period. Greg approached Arianna.
“Hey” he said blaintly.
“you okay?”
Arianna had her reasons to be short with him. He has been acting different ever since the last day of summer when they went swimming.
“why you being short with me?”
“because she can!” interrupted Emerson,
“Emerson, please” said Arianna. “you’ve been acting weird lately. So you tell me, are YOU okay?”
Greg looked away from everyone else. His light brown hair shining in the sun. Rebecca let out a slight laugh, Arianna looked at her and she turned away. When she looked back to get a response from Greg, he was gone.
Weird much? Though Arianna.
Another day in high school? She wasn’t ready for this kind of drama. Greg not wanting to talk to Arianna made her stomach sink. She went to the bathroom and cried so hard her eyes were as red as a stop sign. Emerson walked into the bathroom and gave Arianna a hug.
“Things only get better in time right? He isn’t worth all of this” she took a paper towel from the dispenser and wiped Arianna’s eyes for her.
“thanks” said Arianna wiping the stained tears from her cheek onto the floor. “You always cheer me up Em, you’re my bestie”
“hey, it’s what I’m here for. Who needs boyfriends when you got best friends right?”
Arianna thought to herself, Did I really still have my friends, or are they ignoring me too?
Emerson and Arianna passed Greg in the hallway. Emerson “Accidently” hit him with her bag. Jordan was in the hallway too.
“Hey guys! Guess what, I just checked the list of people who made it on the field hockey team and guess who made it?!”
“Me!!!!” Jordan was so excited.
usually when she gets caught up with sports she disappears for a while unless they get her to talk for a while, and not about sports. Jordan does this thing where she gets to involved. In gym last year we had to play dodge ball. Rebecca sat there checking her nails, Emerson played with Arianna’s hair curling it into thick long curls, Whitney kept getting hit by the ball, Ally was pretending to get out because she didn’t want to ruin her writing hand. And Jordan was spiking balls at the other team like it was no one’s business. She was dodging them as if her life depended on it, she grunted and hustled, threw the ball and hit Jimmy Jones right in the face leaving a big red spot right in the center of his head. He got hit so hard the nurse had to knock him back into reality. Jordan still laughs about that day and I’m pretty sure everyone else does.
“Congratulations Jordy, im proud of you!” said Arianna.
“yeah me too!” said Emerson
“thanks guys!”
The girls went off to class to finish the rest of their boring days and headed to the car after school. Everyone was especially quiet today. Whitney and Rebecca were talking about getting together this weekend for mani’s and petti’s but didn’t invite the other girls.
“Can I come?” asked Ally. I need to re do my nails anyway.
“Sorry Al, it’s just me and Whitney this time”
Rebecca was leaving everyone out of everything, and the girls just wouldn’t have it.

Let the Drama begin

September 9
It’s official, Rebecca and Whitney are leaving everyone out like the mean biotches they are. Thank goodness it’s the weekend. I thought I would go in to Drango high loving it, meeting new people, hanging out with my best friends, passing notes during class. But high school definatly isn’t what they say it is in movies. The only thing that came straight from the movie is the cliques. You have the emo’s, the nerds, the shy ones, the jocks, preppy girls (Like myself, Whitney, Ally, Emerson and Rebecca) and the populars. A.K.A the cheerleaders and dancers. School used to be fun when everyone got along and everyone was friends, but it was in 4th grade when I found who I was “destined to be with” my so called best friends. I met Ally in my math class, Emerson in pre I said, Rebecca is my 4th grade English class, Jordan was in my gym class and Whitney was in my arts and crafts class. Then in 5th grade we all had the same teacher for every subject. I guess as you get older your friendship grows weaker. I heard that once, on a TV show I watch. Well I’m headed off to Emerson’s house, she always knows how to take my mind of stressfull situations.

Arianna walked down the street to Emerson’s house. All of the houses in the small development looked just about the same to Arianna. They were big, white; although some were brick houses, they all had blue or white shutters. The only way you could tell who’s house it was is because of the cars they have. Usually people around there only owned Porsche’s, Mercedes, Mustangs, Mazda’s. any car that is worth over 100,000 dollars the people of Wiley Hills owned it. Arianna approached Emerson’s house and rang the doorbell.
“Hey come on it” said Ms Quinn
Arianna called Emerson’s mom by her first name only because Ms Quinn had so many husbands it’s hard to keep up with her last name.
“Em is downstairs in her room”
One thing you should know about Ms Quinn and emerson’s house is that it was always neat. There were a lot of paintings on the wall and almost everything was made of glass besides their furniture. Emerson used to take ballet class at a high class school just last year, until she fell off the stage in front of everyone and broke her ankle. Emerson’s room was pink with lots of ballet shoes hanging on the wall and posters of ballerinas, she even had ballet music playing every time she came home in a bad mood. She says it calms her down a bit.
“Hey Ari, so is what you said about Rebecca true? Does she really still suck her thumb?”
Arianna looked puzzled. “What are you talking about?”
“Our website, it says you updated a post about Rebecca. I mean, I know she was a little mean to you but don’t you think that’s a little harsh?”
“wait, can somebody say confused?! I have no clue what you’re talking about”
Emerson went over to her computer and went on the girls’ website. After clicking and punching in passwords, a picture of five girls appeared on the screen. Ally, Emerson, Arianna, Rebecca and Whitney.
“take a look” said emerson pointing to the screen.
Arianna whispered to herself. “ Rebecca Henny still sleeps with her thumb in her mouth ,no wonder her teeth are so bucked.-Arianna.” She looked down at the ground and remembered the text. Someone was out to get her. If she typed this lie she would have remembered it.
“I don’t remember typing this Em”
“say what you want, I think it’s kind of funny”
“well I don’t. Obviously someone wrote that stuff pretending to be me!”
“I got a text yesterday during 4th period. Someone said they know I’m saying stuff and signed it in Rebecca’s signature, but it came up as a blocked number.”
“wow, and to think we just started school three days ago and the drama already starts. We kind of deserve it though for even being Rebecca’s friend, All she ever does is boss us around and tell us what to wear”
“true, but as much as I despise her, I would never write something like that about her. You believe me don’t you?”
“of course I do Ari”
The girls smiled at each other. Knowing they were best friends made them happier every time. Emerson and Arianna had their differences but they work through them. Like any other best friend would do.
Arianna looked at the clock.9:17pm.
“Ready for the most buttery popcorn ever!” yelled Emerson.
“Butter it up!”
“did you see last night’s episode of Degrassi? Eli totally loves Claire.”
“I know, I wish Greg cared enough like Eli does” Arianna gave a slight giggle.
“Do you love Greg?”
Arianna paused. Looked up like something was there. Then looked at Emerson.
“I don’t know if I do, were a year apart I mean, he doesn’t seem to really care for me anyway”
“don’t say that, he does care about you. You guys have been going out for a year!”
“maybe that’s just it. Maybe I’m just getting old to him ya know? Maybe he likes someone else”
Arianna found herself having a hard time talking about Greg when he wasn’t around. She felt as if he’d been there with her all along and is listening to every word she says about him. Maybe that’s why he isn’t paying her any attention.
“you never know unless we find out”
The girls went over to the computer again and went on face book to look up Greg Rivers. And sure enough a girl with blonde hair and rosey red cheeks with light blue eyes had comments up and down his page. The comments were cute little ones like “Hey you” and “We going to prom together?” Arianna couldn’t help it but yell.
“This pig!” Arianna was madder than ever, how could you feel like you love someone at one moment and then feel like you hate them the next.
“Calm down maybe it’s just an old friend of his or something Ari”
They scrolled down to the bottom on the page to find that the girls name was Rachel. Rachel had 3,956 friends. As if she really talked to them all. After looking at her picture for a while Emerson knew she looked familiar, she was the girl Greg was talking to after school when he ditched Arianna. That gave her a sick feeling inside. She knew it was her all along.
“let’s just forget about this and go watch a movie or something” said emerson.
“sounds good to me. What are we watching?”
“well I have a load of movies downstairs, as you know, let’s go look”
The girls went downstairs and picked Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. Arianna sat down on the couch as Emerson put in the DVD.
“Hand me the remote?”
Arianna reached over on the coffee table and put the remote in Emerson’s hands. Two hours passed and the girls were tired. They couldn’t wait for their heads to finally meet their pillows and go to sleep. Emerson got up to turn the lights off and Arianna lay on the couch.
“Night Em”
“Night Ari, try not to think about Greg too much okay?”
“im trying”
“good. Night”
The lights were out and so were the girls.


September 10
There’s not much to say today, except for who is that girl who is going after my man?

It was 10:24 the next morning and Arianna took her phone out of her bag to see if she had any missed calls or text messages. She had 4 from Greg.
“Hey im really sorry I’ve been acting weird lately text me back”
“Hey babe, I know you’r probably mad at me. Txt me later?”
“Arianna. I’m going to call you”
“ Ari please answer me”
Arianna picked up her phone and started to text.
“I was sleeping sorry. What’s up?” she had to act totally natural, if Greg found out she was creeping on his face book he would think she was the creep. Her phone buzzed.
“u mad at me?”
“why have you been acting strange?”
“I don’t know, I cant tell you”
“just as I suspected Greg. Nice, real nice”
“you know?!”
“yeah I know all about your new girl friend”
So much for keeping it cool.
Arianna’s phone rang. She picked it up and they talked.
“hello?” she asked.
“Arianna what are you talking about? I don’t have a new girl friend?”
“I know it’s blondey! You don’t have to lie”
“man, Arianna…I wasn’t going to tell you-“
“tell me what Greg?”
“well if you let me finish, I was going to say she was helping me plan the best date we would ever have. We haven’t gone out in a while and I wanted to make up for my weirdness.” He said apologetically.
“oh, is that, is that what you were doing?” a smile slowly appeared on her face as she blushed.
“yes that’s what I was doing. Her name is Rachel, she is my cousin. And not to mention it would be a little weird if I dated my cousin”
“oh” Arianna felt stupid and wrong that she blamed her boyfriend for cheating on her. How could she do that to the best boy friend in the world? He was all she ever wanted and she was all he ever wanted. “sorry “
“that’s okay babe, so you want to hear where I was going to take you?”
“surprise me, I have to get changed”
“okay, talk to you later”
Their conversation ended and yet she was still blushing. Emerson came out of the bathroom laughing. “I know it’s blondey”
Arianna sighed. “emerson shut up” she laughed
“what it was funny”
“did you know about this?”
Arianna had to pack up quickly and get home to head off to the salon with her mom. Every Sunday her and her mom get manicures and pedicures together to spend mother daughter time together. Ever since the accident with Arianna’s dad, Mr. Tuplin her and her mom became very close. Almost like best friends. They got in the car and drove off.

As they were driving they saw Jordan and Whitney.
“mom don’t beep the horn”
“why not honey they are your friends”
“just don’t mom”
Her mom gave her a puzzled look and they were quiet the rest of the ride. They got their nails done. Her mom’s a pretty shining pearl color and Arianna got hers done a pretty pink color. Arianna likes the way it brings out her tan.
“So why are you acting strange girl? You can tell me anything”
“well, there’s just some rumors I have to take care of” she stopped. “that’s all”
“already? You’re three days into high school and already the drama starts?”
“I guess so.”
Arianna’s mother offered to stop for some ice cream. It was a hot day, who could pass up ice cream anyway.
Arianna took the ice cream cone from the guy behind the counter.
“enjoy Arianna” Arianna had to do a double take to realize who it was.
“oh hey Logan”
Logan was one of Arianna’s friends from elementary school, he was cute. But not as cute as Greg. Logan had dark brown hair, back muscle, played football, was Greg’s best friend, had blue-grey eyes and a killer smile. Okay so maybe he was a little cuter than Greg.
“Hey, haven’t seen you around much. Liking the school?”
“yeah it’s okay. How do you like your school?”
“Let’s just say it would be a lot better if you were there” he smiled at her with his big white teeth. And she smiled back.
“come on honey”
“Bye logan”
“Bye Ari” he said as he waved goodbye
Arianna got in the car again with her mother as they drove home. Her long brown hair flowing in the wind. Everything felt nice to her. Her newly painted nails shining in the sun. what could possibly go wrong?
Her mothers phone rang and Arianna turned down the radio.
“Hello?” her mother answered
“hello ms Tuplin this is Mr. Gage from the home services. I am afraid I have some bad news for you”
“uh-oh, I don’t like bad news”
“nobody does ms Tuplin. I’m afraid you haven’t payed your last three payments on your house”
“what, that’s crazy! I must assure you I have”
“that’s not what the papers say. Do you have the money to pay off the late due’s?”
“I can check my bank for it”
“okay thank you, give me a call when you check the bank please”
“Okay will do, thank you Mr. Gage”
Arianna over heard the whole conversation her mother had with Mr. Gage.
“Looks like we are headed to the bank”
Arianna sighed. She hated going to the bank. Unless it was for herself.
“Just for a minute Arianna” Her mother sounded frustrated. Who wouldn’t be after they got accused of not paying off the rent for the house?
They pulled up to the bank and Arianna slammed the door shut. She punched in the code for her bank account and just like that, everything went from being good, to being a nightmare. Ms Tuplins face went from Frustrated to angry in a split second and Arianna’s face went from Worried to scared.
“empty?” said her mother. “empty?!” her mother repeated this word like it was the only word she knew how to say.
“mom maybe there was just a mistake in the programming situation, maybe we will get help!”
“mom, calm down”
And finally her mom said something other than “empty?!”
“Don’t tell me to calm down Arianna Marie Tuplin! We have absolutely no money and I want to know who stole all of it! There was over 500,000 dollars in that bank account and now it’s gone!”
Arianna’s face grew wide. “mom!”
“this means you can’t go to the mall to get those new shoes you wanted”
“What?! Empty?! Oh we have to find out who did this” said Arianna.
Arianna was selfish in many ways. But not as close as Rebecca was. Arianna and her mother went home and Arianna turned on the TV to find that there was a bank robbery at the same bank Arianna and her mother just got back from. Over 1,000,000 dollars had been stolen. Looks like Arianna’s mom isn’t the only one panicking tonight.

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I can totally agree. I am going through the same thing

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Not trying to be rude at all but in the beginning it seemed like it was coming from Arianna's view than it changed but stil good so far havent finished yet but you are an awesome writer!!!!

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yeah exactly :) thanks for the comment!

Alanal said...
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Some people think others are there friends but im the end there not u can only trust cirten people