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Ari's Story

Author's note: I was inspired to write the story of my life to help others who go through the same situations...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write the story of my life to help others who go through the same situations that I have. I hope that most people who read this will learn how not to react. I reacted unhealthily and although, some amazing things have come out of my life, I would like to save others from experiencing the loss and troubles that I have gone through.  « Hide author's note
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Misery Longs For Company

I woke up at 4:30 AM the next morning, so that I could text Aaron as much as possible before I left. I didn’t want to leave. As I got in the car, tears streamed down my face. There was no way I could make it without talking to him. I kept my phone in my hand the whole trip and whenever I found even the slightest signal, I attempted to send a text to him. We pretty much played a game called “Freeze my phone” that whole week because whenever I didn’t have a signal, he did and he would try to blow my phone up with how many texts he sent me. In return, whenever I found a signal, I would try to get his to spontaneously combust. As a record, he sent me like 131 texts that froze my phone for at least 30 minutes. There was nothing to do in Mississippi besides shoot my BB gun, so my family drove me out to a parking lot, where we set up spare Christmas ornaments and shot at them for target practice. While we were in Mississippi, we also figured it would be a good time to teach me how to drive since I had acquired my driving permit the week before. The first time I drove a car, I drove on a main highway in Mississippi and it scared me so badly. After driving my family’s automatic truck as well as I did, my family assumed that I was prepared enough to drive our new stick-shift car. After repeated attempts to drive it, I could crank the car but could not shift into 1st gear; thus, resulting in the flooding of the engine more than once that afternoon. I easily gave up and stayed with driving the automatic. The second day I was there, I managed to make a short phone call with Aaron while shopping at a strip mall there in town. I promised to call again as soon as I could manage. I missed hearing his voice. I missed talking to him. The next night, we were at the movie theatre all night so I couldn’t call, but the night before our departure, I was able to call him. I lay on my bed as I talked to him for hours in my room. We talked about everything under the sun. If there is anything he is gifted at, it is keeping up a conversation. I can call him and talk about nothing for hours and never get bored.
While we were on the phone, Trini called, so I quickly excused myself from my conversation with Aaron and switched over to her line. I was excited to finally get to talk to her; but as I said hello, my mother came in and told me to get off the phone, because she was under the impression that the whole time I was on the phone with Aaron, she thought I was talking to Trini. Things pretty much fell apart from there. My mom started yelling at me because I was still in contact with Aaron and yelled at me for doing that to Trini.
The opaqueness of the situation suddenly clarified. I understood exactly what invisible struggle I had been facing with my mother from the time she told me that I couldn’t talk to Aaron to then. Knowing my mother, she probably thought that Trini was mad at me because I was talking to Aaron. Little did my mom know, that Trini had specifically asked me to talk to Aaron, to keep him company, and make sure that he was happy. I tried to explain that to my mom, but she wouldn’t listen. She told me that I had betrayed my friendship with Trini. I spent the rest of the afternoon in tears, wondering how I would ever get her to understand that he was my Bestie. I would do anything for him. She didn’t understand. She never would.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 18 19 20

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