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A Soul Mate's Destiny

February 25, 2012
By CuteLittleAksh, -, New York
CuteLittleAksh, -, New York
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Cassie and Derek have been best friends since childhood. Cassie secretly loves Derek, who doesn’t feel the same way. When Derek undergoes some natural changes, he comes to find that Cassie is destined to be his soul-mate, who then starts dating a vampire

Now as destiny has chosen its path, Cassie is thrust into a world of frightening secrets, preparing herself to deal with love’s battlefield and supernatural wars…

Akshara S.

A Soul Mate's Destiny

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on Mar. 30 2012 at 6:35 pm
ZombieViking SILVER, Streamwood, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Beware; For I am fearless, and therefore powerful.

AAAHHH! KEEP WRITING!! Oohh, the suspense...