I Am

March 5, 2009
By K.S.Kewl BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
K.S.Kewl BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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I am silence. I am quiet with nothing to say, but so much to be heard. I speak through my actions, my eyes, and my soul. My mouth stays closed and my heart open. I keep my emotions kept within, not letting the world in.

I do not express my ways of life through words. For I am silence, I do not speak. I let my actions speak for me, for they are louder than words. I smile, write, and write, yet silence has kept me. I am known to the world as a friend, sister, student and daughter.

Sometimes I get too wrapped up in silence, when not even my actions can be shown. But then my silence subsides and my feelings prevail. Getting my back to the place I belong.

I am silence. Misunderstood by many, understood by few. Given the right situation, you will see how I have a heart of gold.

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