The Old Man and the D

January 13, 2009
By Brittany Henderson, Louisville, KY

The Old Man and The D

Election year is finally here!
Let’s head out to the polls.
And when we do, we’ll give a shout
for there’s no Bob Dole.

Instead we have John McCain,
the legendary maverick.
A right-winger who cheated on his wife
with a younger chick.

But he has experience
at working in DC.
Don’t forget- he was a prisoner of war,
defending you and me.

Next there’s good old Barry-
a terrorist, say some.
Others don’t care ’cause he’s really young
which is very dumb.

At least he’s in his forties-
not ready to buy the farm
And he can throw the opening pitch,
‘cause he can lift his arm.

One more point I’d like to try
to get across to you:
Do we really need a former beauty queen
who shoots caribou?

I’m not stating my support
for the left or right,
and it’s not my plan to cause a fuss
I don’t mean to start a fight.

I just want to find out
what’s happened to our land.
Why, in the presidential election,
don’t the issues play a hand?

Instead we see on our TV’s
our leaders slinging dirt.
While banks are failing, stocks are falling,
Joe Plumber really hurts.

No one out there cares because
Bristol is expecting.
And Johnny’s wife (fifteen years ago)
Illicit drugs was injecting.

And Barack knows Reverend Wright;
his reputation’s going south.
Don’t get me started on Joe Biden-
the Dem with the foul mouth.

The candidates have been two-faced
and not said what they meant.
Therefore I think I’m better off
voting for Harvey Dent.

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