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The Leviathan

May 11, 2018
By trinity_walker13, Cocoa Beach, Florida
trinity_walker13, Cocoa Beach, Florida
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It all starts with Grey, a girl only 16 but still all on her lonesome. She is ridiculed as her hands shook uncontrollably. She is branded a freak and the only thing keeping her in high spirits is literature. She reads about green grasslands and a utopia of colors. But those thoughts she could only fantasize about. Earth as we all knew it was gone. The only thing she knew was the Leviathan. A great ship holding the last of Earth's maintained civilization. It amassed a great deal of space, seemingly like it's own planet as Earth had been ravenged by a great nuclear winter. The effects afterwards left the home to many as a grave for any who go there. But people still went. Every few odd years people called Carriers go down to Earth to bring back necessities for the people, food, water, and such. Soon, the Carriers have to bring back a mysterious flower and all goes downhill. The Carrier group sent down gets lost, and the natives were blamed as always. They were told by Christopher Burke, the person manning the ship, that the natives are savage cannabals, and everyone so believed him. Grey must unravel the truth behind the ship and the secrets about Earth in 'The Leviathan'.


The Leviathan

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