Hunter Springs Academy

January 12, 2017
By RaeAuthor, Homestead, Florida
RaeAuthor, Homestead, Florida
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"Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside."
"There's a line between the sky and the sea, it calls me."


Thought high school was hard?  Try going to school to learn how to hunt monsters.  History?  More like Mythologyand Folklore.  Beggining Art?  More like Symbology 1.  Foreign Language?  More like Latin and Other Spellcasting Languages.  PE?  More like Combat Training.  Oh, did we forget to mention that you also need to maintain a social life here at Hunter Springs Academy?  Don't forget to keep your dorm room clean, and be a good room mate.  Going out partying?  Yeah right, everyone but seniors have curfew.

Grynn Davis managed this life pretty well, until an incident with a certain boy and a school monster hunt led to a few complications in an underground fae court.  

Billy Orlov was managing pretty well too, you know, while she was also trying to figure out her destiny as a member of a super secret society no one knows anything about.  And finding the Key?  Just another thing on the list of impossible things to do before we graduate.  

So you think you could make it here?  Read to find out.  


Hunter Springs Academy

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