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After the Fence

December 22, 2014
By catiecelestte, Middleton, Massachusetts
catiecelestte, Middleton, Massachusetts
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Mora Berry, an indignant sixteen year old, was born the year the Fences went up. Growing up in her community with her parents and older friends who had all been alive in a time where trees were not vicious and the word fence was not capitalized, Mora dreams of nature and a life beyond the Fence. Dead leaves (the only kind authorized into communities) are pressed into frames above her bed, and fake plants litter her bedroom. In a time where botany fields are sparse and undesired, Mora develops a hunger for the forest and the world inside of it. Growing up, Mora could always be heard talking about how one day, she would go past the Fence.


She never could have imagined that she would go over the Fence with two boths that infuriated, or that one of those boys wouldn't make it back over the Fence with her.


Mora's night past the Fence was nothing like she had imagined. It brought terror, and a tightening in her chest. However, what scares her the most are not the memories, but the hunger that still remains in her. 

Catie K.

After the Fence

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