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Mori Plac

March 7, 2013
By ChloeHunter BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
ChloeHunter BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Mori Plac is a dark-magic planet just beyond our solar system. As a very difficult place to survive, Mori now serves as the home of people who hurt others on Earth. To live, you need superb survival skills...but not all who get out deserve to.

There is a line on girls, one family, one name. When you get to Mori Plac, you always get a new last name that they think will describe who you are or who you are meant to be. Mori is a Latin speaking planet and therefor, the names are in Latin. Humans get sent there when fate decides that they are making another human's life a lot worse then it needs to be. The most famous female name ever given on Mori is “Pulcher,” meaning beautiful. To be a Pulcher, you have to be stunningly beautiful on the outside, and perfectly wonderful on the inside. There have only been seven girls who have been worthy to get this title, but they didn't all want the honor. They were Darcy, Avery, Naomi, Erica, Indiana and Chelsea; acronym being DANEIC. Having the name 'Pulcher' makes you eligible to the Pulcher prophecy. The prophecy states that when a Pulcher turns eighteen, the king must murder them so no woman is collecting attention away from the king. None of the DANEIC girls except one have been killed because of the prophecy that was Indiana Carmine. There is now one left, the acronym is now DANEICA. Annabella Carmine is left. She is the youngest, the most shaken but possibly the strongest. Bella has lived through Hell on Earth for her entire life. She has been close to being murdered on Earth, so what in the world would make anyone think she can live on Mori? The fact that she is the blood sister of Indiana Pulcher certainly helps the idea. If Bella lives through Mori long enough and gets back to Earth, DANEICA will be finished and she will have avenged the sisters she never knew, including her blood sister that she never knew, Indiana. If Bella does not pull through, Mori Plac will continue to kill innocent souls all over Earth. Some are innocent because like all things, Mori can make mistakes. But she needs help. She can't defeat the king on her own. But on such a barren planet, home to the most bitter beings in the universe, is there really anyone who can shine a light?


Mori Plac

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