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Dawn of The Witches (Book 2 of the Sixteen Series)

March 1, 2013
By AmeriTheBrave BRONZE, Lafayette, Indiana
AmeriTheBrave BRONZE, Lafayette, Indiana
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They didn't agree on much. In fact, they didn't agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other everyday. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other. ~ Nicholas Sparks


Witchcraft originated in Europe during a period of darkness and shadows. One hundred different families, one hundred different bloodlines had the dormant magical energy inside of them activated by the evil that loomed over the continent. And witchcraft was born.
The witches lived among the humans in France, never once being thought of as "different". hundreds of years went by and the voyages to the New World began. All the descendants of the original families joined a voyage to create a settlement titled "Salem".
They lived in peace in Salem until 1682. The Salem Witch Trials.
What many don't know is that the "witches" that were burnt at the stake and hanged weren't actually witches. The real witches concealed themselves, but as the problem that started as one accusation turned into wide spread hysteria, the witches decided to flee Salem.
Now, perhaps it was a lack of communication or maybe it was just bad luck that they all chose the same night to run away. The witches were surrounded in the nearby woods and most of them were slaughtered by witch hunters on the spot. But, sixteen families made it out.
After a deadly journey through unexplored wilderness, they settled in a tiny, ramshackle settlement just off the coast of the Atlantic named Fable shore. They weren't bothered in Fable Shore, and slowly the magical energy became dormant as it flowed through their bloodlines.
Now, over two hundred years later, Fable Shore is a sleepy little town named Fable Hollow in the chilly state of New Hampshire. And an unseen evil lurks about the area.
Sixteen juniors at Fable Hollow High School carry the magical blood of the original sixteen surviving families: Baxter, Dawson, Walsh, West, Smith, Cadwell, Fare, Conard, Tickman, Hanseen, Mikalson, Gyllenhaal, Foster, Meester, Avenue, and Jones. It was during their sophomore year that these sixteen teenagers were pulled together by the activation of the magical energy in the blood stream.
They must come together to find out the secrets of the past and face the terrors of the future.

In the second installation of the Sixteen Series, a new enemy threatens the coven along with the lasting threat of the witch hunters. The love, lies, and secrets get deeper and the plot gets thicker with Josh's sister still missing, Lena's parents dead, Felicity coming closer to finding a way to disconnect from the coven, and Zain's father is revealed.


Dawn of The Witches (Book 2 of the Sixteen Series)

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