Diary JOURNAl of Maximus J Brent

December 18, 2016
By Kavin_the_Savage, Pleasanton CA, California
Kavin_the_Savage, Pleasanton CA, California
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Ok first things first, this is not a diary, it is a book, and the only reason I agreed to do this is because, when I become famous and write an autobiography, this will help me do it, and whoever thinks I will write about my feelings in here is crazy. Anyway, my full name is Maximus Jason Brent but I go by Max. I am 11 years old. I have a 14 year old sister named Addison, and a 4 year old brother named Diego. My best friend’s name is Chris Jackson. Also, sorry this is very boring.

Kavin G.

Diary JOURNAl of Maximus J Brent

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