Wind Beneath My Wings.

November 14, 2014
By gabbynotgabe BRONZE, Knoxville, Illinois
gabbynotgabe BRONZE, Knoxville, Illinois
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The bus pulled forward, screeching to a stop.  I took a deep breath before the hell on wheels opened its door.  When the doors opened, I stepped onto the bus.  I smiled confidently, ignoring the snide remarks coming from all around me.

“Look there’s that he-she again.  Guess it decided to dress like a girl.” 

“That thing is abominable.  It’s not natural to have two genders.”

“I wouldn’t let my child dress like that.  God help them if they did.”

I did my best to drown out the comments, sitting down in a seat by a freshman’s whose name I couldn’t quite remember.  The girl sighed with disgust, like a disease had just sat down beside her.  I sat as close to the aisle as possible, pulling out my phone and headphones.  All I could hear was the beat of Queen’s perfect melodies, and Freddie Mercury's incredible voice.  I was lost in my own world when the girl sitting by me tapped my shoulder.  I took one headphone out and turned to her. 

Gabrielle H.

Wind Beneath My Wings.

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