January 25, 2013
By Alexz, Battle Creek, Michigan
Alexz, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Denial is about Bella, age 13, and Hunter, age 18, who fall in love with each other. When Bella’s parents find out about these emotions everything goes wrong. Bella is warned multiple times to stop talking to Hunter. But as a teenage girl, who would listen to their parents? Hunter and Bella’s love for each other is unstoppable. They claim they will do anything in order to be with each other and get that long wanted happily ever after. Who said all fairy tales have happy endings? Are Hunter and Bella strong enough to survive the threats from Bella’s parents? Do they push it too far? This novel has suspense wanting you to turn to the next page. No one would ever predict what happens to the town next. Is it just a coincidence or was it meant to happen? What would you do if the love of your life was threatened to get taken away?



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