Is This the Beginning or Is This the End?

December 1, 2014
By Graci, Bonner Springs, Kansas
Graci, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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"Funerals are for the dead not the living"


Spencer had a terrible life living under the same roof with her druken and abusive father. Having a brother going through the same thing. Spencer thought her life couldent get any worse.  Then a horrible disease wipes the population one by one. Spencers parents dissaper and is stuck with her brother.

 Through this journey, Spencer is stuck with hard choices, sacrifice, and pain. She finds her true self and who to really trust. She finds one person who undertands her. With only time ticking away her life spain, Spencer must find a way to survive with her brother before its to late. Before it takes her and everything in its wake.  

Gracijela L.

Is This the Beginning or Is This the End?

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