I Ruined a Perfect Thing // mainlyatl, om&m, and ptv

November 27, 2014
By sagecte, Greeneville, Tennessee
sagecte, Greeneville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't ever trust the devil, bitch!" Johnny Ringo ; Crown the Empire


Cornelia loses her parents at a young age, which is what starts her anxiety. Her trust issues is something we can't discuss right now. When Cimber decides that she wanted to become an actress, that is when Cornelia decides she needed to do something with her life. Music called her, and she came across post-hardcore. Now she sits, waiting for her time to come while Cimber goes off, film after film. She's just tired of waiting, that's all. Hey, where's a cab when ya need one, huh?

Sage B.

I Ruined a Perfect Thing // mainlyatl, om&m, and ptv

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