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The Bahama Tide and I

October 10, 2016
By HunterBradley, Owingsville , Kentucky
HunterBradley, Owingsville , Kentucky
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       A kid named Jonah goes on a vacation to the Bahamas with his mom, Naomi, his dad, Diego, and his baby brother, Joshua. Jonah is so excited to get to go to the Bahamas.
       They go to the Bahamas on a cruise ship with pools and water slides and even a buffet. When they get there they go eat at exotic restaurants, go scuba diving, and go shopping for souvenirs.
       They all enjoyed their trip until something tragic happens. A hurricane named hurricane Taylor strikes the Bahamas and Jonah and his family are living life on the edge. Jonah and his family have to stick together and be strong to get through this. Will Jonah and his family survive this attack or will they perish? Find out what happens when you read, "The Bahama Tide and I."


The Bahama Tide and I

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