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By Anonymous

   Although it was both difficult and frustrating, I found the six-week course I took at the Boston Museum School last summer (Museum of Fine Arts) extremely rewarding. Sixty students took the course, but we were divided into three groups of twenty. Every weekday morning from nine to twelve we were taught by three college-level instructors in drawing, print making, and sculpture. The materials were sometimes in short supply, so we had to improvise, and some days we were assigned to a project with a partner with whom we did not necessarily get along. These irritations helped me understand the real working world.

Another new experience for me was the skill level of most of the students , they were all fantastic! While at my high school I was used to being considered one of the best artists, at the museum I just blended in with the others. The higher level of competition encouraged me to work harder, and my work improved, particularly figure drawing, on which the course concentrated. Since getting back to school this year, I have had more confidence in my ability, and the new techniques I learned this summer have aided me in putting together my portfolio for college. Many people, including my art teacher, have commented on how much my work improved over the summer.

I highly recommend this course, but only to the serious, mature art student who is willing to work hard. n

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