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Ironfall: Invasion

October 30, 2015
By Fanfiction13 PLATINUM, Somewhere, Other
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An average game that holds a lot of weight. Ironfall: Invasion has you take control of a Jim Woper and Samantha Finch as they fight against an alien race called the Dyxides. The Dyxides are hostile aliens that only have one goal: eliminate the human race and acquire all of Earth's resources. Along the journey is Jim's previously injured friend, Victor Lewis, who provides intel along your battles. Highlighting the playable characters, is Jim who is a serious fighter, but is able to keep the humor in a situation through funny and witty dialogue. Samantha is an uninteresting character with odd traits that make her, for lack of better terms, boring to see progress throughout the game.


Ironfall is one of the few shooters on the 3ds, and it handles pretty well. The controls start off rocky by them having to be set to the highest sensitivity just so your hands don't get stiff and cramped. But, after that the controls are smooth and responsive.
Game modes:
Ironfall is split between a campaign and multiplayer mode. Each mode starts off free with a trial for each mode. The campaign is engrossing, intense, and definitely worth buying. The multiplayer can be fun, but has a lack of modes to play.
Ironfall has fantastic backgrounds and character models for a handheld system, but the facial models are odd and bland.


The music in Ironfall adds to the thrilling and intense combat of the game. The voice acting, however, is not as good as the music. Everyone, except Jim, overly exaggerate a characteristic. For example, Sam is overly joyous when occurrences like a character's death happens and Victor, whose voice is made extremely deep, comes out as a congested vocal. The dialogue would be quite better if most of the voice actors didn't execute it so poorly.


Ironfall: Invasion provides a mold for future shooters to the 3ds with a great campaign and descent controls, but it is not without its flaws. With its terrible voice acting, and mediocre multiplayer, the game is far from perfect, but does take a step forward for the handheld shooter genre.

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