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Batman: Arkham City on X-box Ps3

December 9, 2011
By laclatonier BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
laclatonier BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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The bullet was just narrowly dodged. The faint swoosh of your cape is heard as you race towards the final enemy. After the grunt is on the ground, you finish him off with a complex, combat takedown. Is this an awesome dream? NO! it’s only a taste of the never-ending action that is the latest batman game, Arkham City!

Other gamers familiar with the first game in the series- Arkham Asylum- will know that Arkham City is very similar to its predecessor. It shares the theme of bringing the old, rather cartoonish, batman characters to life. The Joker (only one of the few main villains) is, instead of comically crazy, disturbingly psychotic. As soon as you begin to play it you will notice that the whole game is set in a dark sort of mood.

It begins with a bang as you (Batman) are being tortured by another primary villain, Dr. Strange. Astoundingly enough, the doctor knows your secret for you have been captured as Bruce Wayne but are being referred to as “batman!”
The game progressively gets more exciting as you encounter infamous villains like Two-Face, the Joker, and Penguin. As well as villains only the true comic book fans will be familiar with like Zasz and Solomon Grundy. Arkham city(rated T) costs $59.99 at your local Wal-mart. I, having beaten the game, find that to be a completely fair price. I never encountered any glitches, though many challenges will prove necessary to strategize ahead of time for.
The game can prove to be very addicting. For example, you may find yourself abandoning one task for another quite often. Even once you have beaten the story mode there is still plenty of excitement left. As you race through the city taking on other side challenges you will never get bored with this exquisite game. So, if you’re out getting ready to pick up a copy of the newest Modern Warfare game or the Latest in the Portal series, DON’T! Instead grab a copy of Arkham city.

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