Stranger Things Two

January 30, 2018
By HaileyN SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
HaileyN SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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Has anyone ever heard the saying “friends don’t lie”? Well if not, that is the motto the kids live by in the show “Stranger Things Two.” One friend will never betray the other, or at least they shouldn’t, in this new, edge of the seat horror show. First, out of all of the tv shows out there, “Stranger Things” is my favorite. It is an American sci-fi horror Netflix original show with a scary twist to it. There are three important elements to season two that make this show fantastic. They are: the actors, era, and the creators of this show. It has everything anyone would love: action, romance, and cliff hangers. This show has a special element that has episodes that draw the viewers in. Then they leave people on the edge of their seat at the end of the episode, so that they have to watch the next one. During the first season, one of the main characters, Will, goes missing into the ‘upside down world’. But at the end of season one, he comes back to life and coughs up one of the slugs from the upside down world. Which is then where season two picks up.

  “Stranger Things” season two starts off by following the lives of four middle school aged boys, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb Mclaughlin), and Will (Noah Schnapp) around their hometown. I feel that’s when the scare factor went up. The boys are always curious when it comes to a mystery; especially when a new girl wants to join their group. Max (Sadie Sink) is a tom girl who fits right in with the boys. But on the other hand, during the search for Will in season one, a little girl named Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, escapes a science lab where they keep her to study her powers. She is one of my favorite characters and it was wonderful when she appeared in the third episode of season two. The diversity of these characters helped create an ideal setting for the show.

“Stranger Things Two” was created in a fictional town called Hawkins in Indiana. As I was watching the show, I began to realize how everything looked like it was filmed in the olden days. Which in my opinion, was really swell because I am familiar with seeing shows in the 21st Century. It actually turns out the show is taken place in the 1980’s. When the directors were young, they watched dozens of older movies. Which helped them create the 1980’s feel rather than a more modern show. In both seasons, characters did not use cell phones, they had a different way to communicate. The kids used big walkie talkies and they all had to be on the same channel in order to talk.

I feel the directors, The Duffer Brothers, did a phenomenal job. Surprisingly, this show is directed by two brothers named Matt and Ross Duffer. Getting into the film industry was really difficult for the brothers, according to Strangers Things Wiki. They had a lot of trouble getting accepted by networks. A major concern being that four of the major characters are kids. But that didn’t worry the brothers, so they showed it to Shawn Levy, the co executive producer. He then immediately saw the scripts potential and knew he had to do whatever it took to bring the brothers vision into a new show. I am so glad that it aired on Netflix, otherwise I would have never seen it.

Throughout the show, if one of the friends lies, usually one of the group members barges in and reminds them of their rule. Once again the friends have bonded together during and outside of “Stranger Things.” Just like in my group of friends, we live by the principle of honesty. The combination of these three aspects helped make “Stranger Things Two”, in my book, a number one show to watch. First, I enjoyed the complexity of the youthful characters. Next, I also really liked how the setting reminds me of where my parents grew up. Lastly, I admired how the directors casted characters close to my age. Well, if anything strange ever happens to me, maybe it could end up happening to the kids in “Stranger Things” season three.

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