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February 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Meteor shower hits Smallville and with it arrives a little
Boy the child is adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent, and named Clark Twelve years later, Clark struggles to understand his identity. After Clark saves LEX Luther's life after LEX drives his PORCH off a bridge, the two quickly become friends.
. After sharing an intimate moment with Lana Lang, Clark is forced into a school HAZING ritual led by Lana's boyfriend Whitney. Jeremy Creek Adrian McMorran, a teenage boy who was left in a coma after the first meteor shower, wakes up and sets out to get revenge on those that hurt him.
Afterward, he prepares to do the same to the rest of the Smallville High students, but Clark arrives in time to stop him the next day LEX came to there house and brought him a gift but Clark dad he say he didn't want the gift because Clark dad know LEX father he knew his father is a dangerous man.
and Clark didn't know about that so then LEX got a ticket to the football game and he ask Clark if he want to go to the game with Lana and Clark was shy and he was scared to ask Lana to the game then LEX ask told him men go ask her then he went and ask then she say sure why not then they want to the game together then Clark didn't know Lana have a boyfriend but he was a out the city Clark was mad at Lana
but then some thing amazing happen she kissed Clark then he ask her what was that for then she said no reason.
but the next day the hall family was driving around and some house was an fire then Clark have an eye vision he look through the and he saw a Lana boyfriend then he run in the house and took him out the fire and he was an fire so Clark just took the fire out with his hand and nothing happen to his hand and his.
mIt was decided the effects of kryptonite poisoning on Clark, "Clark time", and the appearance of kryptonite when in the proximity of Clark would need to be illustrated in a way the audience could understand if they were not familiar with the character.
Gough and Millar, after doing some research, learned the female audience was not aware of what was happening when Clark was exposed to kryptonite the thing is Clark was a child he didn't know anything about his real father so he went the place he never been to before and when he got there all the light turned on and Clark heard a voice and what he didn't realize that was his father voice only Clark can hear him.
then one day he was going to prom with Chloe and he got dress and he went to pick her up and then they went to the prom and Lana was there and her boyfriend is leaving the city and she took him to the airport and when he was leaving Lana was crying and back to the prom and Chloe was talking to the some people and Clark friend pet ask Clark do you know that Chloe favorite song and Clark said what do you think what do you thing am going to do right now to ask Chloe to dance with me dance then he ask her may I take the stand and she said sure and when there were dancing there about to kissed.
and there was a storm and Clark know Lana was at the airport and he just left using his super speed power and when he got there and she was in the car and the car was flowing and Lana was Clark help Lana he was Lana so he went super speed jump up and that how the first season ended

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necro said...
on Sep. 30 2013 at 2:56 pm
necro, Somerset, Kentucky
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smallville was a great tv show, i could watch it over and over again it just conectted with me, and honestly it was one of my first favorite tv show, i loved the episode where clark meets flash