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January 2, 2018
By TeaOnPluto PLATINUM, Dublin, Other
TeaOnPluto PLATINUM, Dublin, Other
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With 2018 finally here, we can close off another year of television, some great, and some not so great. With almost every household now holding a Netflix or Amazon prime account, it’s likely that most of us have also spent a lot of time scrolling endlessly through lists of shows and movies, often giving up and rewatching all of Friends for the sixth time. That is why I have compiled a list of the top ten best shows I watched this year, so you don’t need to waste anymore time.

This is a list of the top ten most binge-worthy shows, all available on a variety of platforms, including a range of genres to suit everyone.
(Most of the titles listed are rated 12 and up.)

1. Nowhere Boys
Nowhere Boys is an Australian teen drama, directed by Tony Ayres. The two-season series follows Felix, Andy, Sam and Jake when they get lost in the woods during a school field trip. The boys soon discover that there’s a reason behind their disappearance, and must take matters into their own hands to get back home.
This is a great show for those interested in the supernatural or something adventurous, and I loved the great humour of the different characters.

2.  American Horror Story
American Horror story is an American SFX production, known for its seven unique and eerie seasons. Each season brings a new and thrilling story, my favourite being American Horror Story; Roanoke. This show will have you hooked from episode one, as nothing is ever what it seems. This is great for horror fans, looking for a good dose of scare, and brilliant as the seasons are individually and unrelatedly themed.


3. Orphan Black

Orphan Black is one of the best streamable sci-fi shows out there at the moment, and the BBC America series will draw you in from the very beginning. Sarah Manning witnesses her doppelganger commit suicide, and her world changes. This series is action-packed and 100% addictive. The crazy characters, mad science and laughs will keep you watching. All five seasons are available on Netflix now.


4. Riverdale

If you aren’t already watching the brilliant TV adaptation of the Archie Comics, you should. This thrilling, slightly over-the-top teen drama will have you hooked. Riverdale, a pretty little town in Rockland County, shudders when things start to unsettle between the town’s divide. Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead get together to solve the town’s long-buried mysteries. There are currently two seasons of the Netflix original production, and I highly recommend Riverdale to anyone into a little bit of drama.

5. Dark
Dark is a German Netflix original series, set in the quiet town of Winden, where a teenage boy has just vanished. Thirty-three years after Winden was hit by unsolvable mystery, it’s happening again. This is a brilliantly twisted sci-fi show, sure to shock with every episode, as the next generation of this bleary town are forced to set right the wrongs of the past.


6. Lilyhammer
Lilyhammer is the perfect show if you want a giggle. This is another Netflix original, about a grumpy ex-mobster, Frank Tagliano, who escapes to the safety of Lilyhammer, a small town in Norway, under the witness protection program. While he’s settling into his new life, his past revisits him, and he is forced to make some decisions that could uproot everything. This is a laugh-out-loud show, perfect for late nights.


7. Slasher
If you liked shows like Scream queens or The Returned, you’ll love Slasher. When sarah and her husband move back into the house her parents were killed in, it’s not only the weird residents of Waterbury that freak her out, but something sinister is also lurking in the shadows. This series is very similar to American Horror Story, and another great show to give you a bit of a scare on a cold stormy night…


8. Big Mouth
Big Mouth is a teen cartoon comedy, based around the embarrassment of puberty and growing up. This ten-part series covers all those awkward teenage issues, with the help of the Hormone Monsters and some wacky, non-innocent high-schoolers. This brilliant adult animation will get you laughing straight away.


9. Black Mirror
The British science fiction anthology shown is well known for it’s weird and unusual topics, often portraying ideas of the future. With four strange seasons available, it’s easy to get hooked. Every episode is completely different and leaves you thinking. I love this show because the diverse ideas of Charlie Brooker shock you every time. I highly recommend this series to any sci-fi lover.

10. Skins
This 2007 Channel4 series is a witty British teen drama, set in Bristol, UK, following a group of friends in their last year of secondary school. I love this show as by looking into each of the eight character's lives, the current story also unfolds, leaving Tony, Michelle, Anwar, Jal, Max, Cassie, Sid and Chris dealing with the repercussions of their naive mistakes. This is a comedy, which will also touch your heart at times.

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