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Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Has anybody ever wanted to be a celebrity and still try to be normal? Well one of the only people those kinds of people can relate to is Hannah Montana. She’s a teen pop sensation from Tennessee and a freshman in high school. If you want to see the best of both worlds then watch this show at 6:30 and 7:30 weekdays on Disney Channel. Hannah Montana is a great sitcom because it creates believable problems, Good choice of characters, and Great friendship between Miley and Lily.

In this show they usually present the problem ( in this case Miley lies to Lily about her singing well ) and then move on to the beginning credits. If viewers like people messing up while trying to solve the problem then this is a great show for those kinds of people. The majority of the time the problems are solved in a good heartfelt way but sometimes they solve problems in a weird way.

Another good thing about the show is that it’s choice of characters. The characters play each other off pretty well and when they don’t or they mess up they make it up by doing better. Just to throw a few names out there, there’s ( Billy Ray Cyrus ) as the dad,
( Miley Cyrus ) as the daughter, and ( Emily Osment ) as the best friend. All three of these characters have had experience in acting and performances on stage as we all know Billy Ray Cyrus is a country singer, Miley Cyrus his actual daughter in the show and real life. She can also sing pop and country. Emily Osment has had movie performances as we all should know she’s been in the Spy Kids movies as “ Girtie.” So they are pretty good choices for characters for the show.

Finally the friend ship between Miley and Lily on the show is like any other relationship between friends. It shows there going to be some difficulties but true friendship can plow over those bumps in the road for these girls. In the end of the episode Miley confesses to Lily that she cant sing well and Miley stood up for lily when every one else made fun of her.

This show is for any body that can relate or not relate to it which means everyone. Hannah Montana has some twists and turns with Believable problems, Great choice of characters, and Great friendship between Miley and Lily. Wait there’s more with the viewing of this show you get an extra laugh $100 value your for free just watch when ever its on.

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jkjk123 said...
on Nov. 21 2010 at 11:55 am

ok yea i see that u like her. she may be a star but a teen pop sensation.... NO! shes famous for her talent...... and cause her dad is famous




she should have never gotten her carreer she was famous before that too cause of her father. teen pop star= yes



teen pop sensation= give me a break!