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Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you had a secret identity? Well, Miley Stewart knows exactly what it feels like, who is a normal teenage girl that is also a young pop star, Hannah Montana. In the show, Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) has a huge secret that she only tells certain people: that she is also Hannah Montana. (4:30 p.m everyday on Disney Channel.) Hannah Montana is an extremely funny sitcom to watch because of the interesting scenarios, the entertaining characters, and the catchy dialogue.
In about every show, Miley has a problem with her other side as Hannah Montana. In one episode, her friend Lily snuck into Hannah’s dressing room after her concert, so Miley had to break it to her best friend that she was the famous pop star. In another episode, Lily and Miley tried to get money by taking a horrible picture of Hannah Montana. They found out later that Miley had forgotten to take off her necklace that said her name on it. If anyone saw that picture, her secret would be out! Another character, Jackson Stewart, (Jason Earles) Miley’s brother in the show, is always being goofy. In one episode, Jackson and the Dad, (Billy Ray Cyrus) were aggravating each other by playing silly pranks. This added humorous scenes to the show that made the audience laugh.
The characters are very entertaining to watch in Hannah Montana. They all have a different personality’s which makes it so the show isn’t boring. Miley, the main character plays a role of the teenage pop star, Hannah Montana, and her normal life as Miley Stewart. Lily Truscott, (Emily Osment) plays Miley’s best friend who is sort of the “clueless” type. She always gets pulled into Miley’s schemes. Oliver Oken, (Mitchel Musso) plays Miley’s other friend who is the funny, girl crazy guy, who is always making humorous remarks. Jackson Stewart is somewhat like Oliver, who loves the ladies but never gets any. Miley and Lily play really off each other well. They act like they real-life best friends who have their good and bad times, but always get through them together. In one show, they were fighting over Jake Ryan, a boy who all the girls love, and they both fell down into the food at a Dance. When they go to the bathroom to clean up, they talk it out and tell each other that they are sorry for what they did. Other characters that play well together are Oliver and Rico, the evil little kid who works at the food shop on the beach. Oliver is usually at the shop talking to him and checking out the girls. In an episode, Oliver and Rico are competing with their two shops. Oliver is getting all the business, so Rico gets really frustrated. Seeing them act together is really comical to watch.
Another great part about this watching Hannanh Montana is the writing. Jackson and Miley fight a lot like normal brothers and sisters do. In one episode, they were fighting about not liking each other and Jackson said, “Well, I wanted a puppy but they brought you home instead.” This got Miley mad, and they just keep going. The writer does a good job about writing phrases that catch the audience’s attention and makes them laugh. In one of the shows, the dad was talking to his cake and said, “All right, I’ll be back soon after I get back from a long run…oh heck I’ll just run to the driveway and back, and then come and eat cha’.” I thought this was a good phrase because people can relate to him. There are a lot more humorous sayings in the show that catch your attention.

As you can see, this sitcom has great characteristics such as its attention-grabbing scenarios, the amusing characters, and the humorous dialogue. This show is interesting for all ages; kids, teenagers, and adults! This will make you laugh, and make you want to keep watching it. So, take just thirty minutes of your time and watch this show because Hannah Montana will show you the best of both worlds!

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